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SAMPLER - The Miracle Makers

Café Noir Acid Jazz #2

Various Artists - Café Noir Acid Jazz #2 01. Ohm Guru - Jazz Brake (4:02) 02. Sarah Jane Morris - Ever Gonna Make It (4:59) 03. Typhorns - Nightlife (5:50) 04. The Last Minister - Feel Free (6:35) 05. Jestofunk - Straight To You (6:02) 06. Sound Machine - Funky Superfly (4:42) 07. V.D.P. - The Party (4:36) 08. Live Tropical Fish - P.I. (4:54) 09. Greco Quartet - Rotation (6:07) 10. Sam Paglia - Lo Bianco Theme (3:42)
  • SAMPLER - The Miracle Makers - sampler
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Nr kat.: PY300004
Label  : Pyramide

Cafe Noir's first Acid Jazz volume proved to be one of the better inclusions in the series, and the second volume is right there with it. Again, you get plenty of variety here -- enough, at least, to make this compilation interesting from one song to the next without departing too far from a basic acid jazz approach. And also again, there aren't any superstars here, but the songs and the performances prove engaging, even to those unfamiliar with the acid jazz style. Like the first volume, Cafe Noir: Acid Jazz, Vol. 2 proves itself to be one of the better acid jazz compilations released in the early 2000s. It doesn't take itself too seriously and doesn't try to break down any stylistic walls. Rather, if keeps things straightforward and focuses on quality music.