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Absolute Melody - The Hi-Fi Sound of Chinese Music

01 Ambush From All Sides (Solo of Pipa) Ancient Music Performance: He Shufeng 02 Beautiful Tashkurghan (Solo Of Banhu) Arr. Ding Lufeng Performance: Ding Lufeng 03 The Flowing Water (Solo of Ancient Qin) Ancient Music Performance: Guan Pinghu 04 A Painting of The Bian River In Early April--Nardini-Klengel Composer: Liu Weiguang Xiao: Zhang Weiliang Konghou: Cui junzhi 05 The Water In River (Solo Of Erhu) Chinese Folk Music Performance: Min Huifen 06 Drum-shooting On Incense Mountain Solo of Zheng Composer:Quyun Performance: Wangwei 07 The General’s Mandate Performance: Cai Huiquan,etc. 08 Moderato Decorated Six Beat Performance: Yu Xunfa 09 Phoenix Spreading The Wings Performance: Wang Huizhong 10 Fanbai In Buddhist Yard Composer: Peng Xiuwen Performer: The Major Bell Bianzhong Band 11 Sinfonia Of Spring Festival (Ensemble) Composer: Li Huanzhi Performance: Chinese National Broadcastin
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Nr kat.: K2-116
Label  : ABC Int. Records

AAD is a Digital Copy Of The Master Tape

When The Flowing Water performed by Guan Pinghu went into the sky with U.S. space probe to search friends of other stars in the unlimited space, all the Chinese feel proud of their long cultural history and abundant musical resources. As a dazzling pearl in Chinese culture, Chinese folk music has witnessed the history of five thousand years. As early as four and five thousand years ago, songs and dances have been created and the music culture has developed to a higher level in the slavery society, Yin and Shang. The past two thousand years of feudal society has witnessed the development and prosperity of the music. The Chinese music has reflected the great sprit of China and her emotions, strength, power as well as pursuit. Guided by the music, let’s go back to the history to appreciate the charm of Chinese folk music. That’s the purpose of this CD album. The Absolute Melody brings you absolute essence of Chinese folk music. All the pieces are performed by the masters, including the Flowing Water performed by Guan Pinghu, the Water In River by Min Huifen as well as Percussion music: The General’s Mandate. The great Chinese folk music makes the history closer to us. Instead of barriers us from the pursuit of the music sprit, the difference of time makes the music becomes much more meaningful and. This album includes the best tunes performed by unique classic instruments. We spared no pains to make the best Chinese classic music for you. These classic music and masters represent the peak of Chinese national music. It contains people’s affection to Chinese classic music and expectation to the return of national music. Listen to this outstanding tunes and you will be astounded! **** Płyta Sampler przygotowana we współpracy z Manley Lab aby najlepiej zaprezentować możliwości sprzętu tej firmy.


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