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Sam Yahel, Mike Moreno, Ari Hoenig, Seamus Blake

JAZZ Side of the Moon - The music of Pink Floyd

JAZZ Side of the Moon - The music of Pink Floyd image
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  • Yahel Moreno Hoenig Blake - JAZZ Side of the Moon
  • 01. Breathe (6:29)
  • 02. On the Run (Part1) (3:43)
  • 03. Time (11:00)
  • 04. Any Colour you like (2:18)
  • 05. The great Gig in the Sky (8:42)
  • 06. Money (6:49)
  • 07. Us and Them (6:23)
  • 08. Brain Damage (6:20)
  • 09. On the Run (Part 2) (3:45)
  • Sam Yahel - Hammond B-3 organ
  • Mike Moreno - guitar
  • Ari Hoenig - drums
  • Seamus Blake - tenor saxophone
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Nr kat.: SACD338
Label  : Chesky Records
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LP-180G 33rpm:

Nr kat.: EVLP043
Label  : Evosound (Japan)


Sam Yahel, Ari Hoenig, Mike Moreno and Seamus Blake perform jazz interpretations of seven Pink Floyd selections. Recorded September 11 & 12th, 2007 at St. Peter's Episcopal Church, NYC. Jazz Side of the Moon is a triumphant statement of how far jazz has come both as an interpretative art and as a paradigm of recording purity. In approaching the challenge of creating an audiophile recording project that evoked the modern jazz connections to an iconic popular recording, while doing justice in real time to the trend-setting production values achieved by Pink Floyd and producer Alan Parsons producer-straw boss Sam Yahel had to know that the possibilities for ignominious treacle were omnipresent. However, the degree to which Hammond organist Sam Yahel and his hand-picked collaborators evoke both the textural-thematic spirit of the original arrangements and sonic effects, while maintaining the overall conceptual arc and metaphysical implications of Pink Floyd;s suite of songs, is remarkably powerful both as a jazz combo statement and as a purist, bare-bones audiophile recording - all the while reasserting the grace, power and musical nuance of the original materials. "Sam Yahel is clearly one of the most promising new organists on the New York City and international scene..." - Michael G. Nascos, Jazziz "Ari Hoenig is a magician!" - Batteur Magazine "(Mike Moreno) is a versatile and increasingly prominent guitarist..." - The New York Times "Seamus Blake is gaining increasing recognition as one of the finest and most creative young players emerging in jazz." - All About Jazz


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