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Ruggiero Ricci

The Legacy of Cremona - BOOK + CD

  • - Nardini: Larghetto from Sonata in D (violin by Gregg Alf)
  • - Dvorák: Romantic Pieces Op. 75 No. 1 (violin by Samuel Zygmuntowicz)
  • - Schubert / Prihoda: Litany for All Souls’ Day (violin by Peter Greiner)
  • - Sibelius: Romance Op. 78 No. 2 (violin by Primo Pistoni)
  • - Liszt / Milstein: Consolation (violin by William Muller)
  • - Schubert / Ricci: The Miller and the brook (violin by John Dilworth)
  • - Chopin / Ricci: Nocturne in C minor (violin by Patrick Robin)
  • - Achron: Hebrew Melody Op. 33 (violin by Alberto Giordano)
  • - Granados / Kreisler: Spanish Dance Op. 37 No. 5 (violin by David Bagué)
  • - Sarasate: Malague?a (violin by Roger Hargrave)
  • - Rimsky-Korsakov / Kreisler: Song of India (violin by Christoph GÖtting)
  • - Dohnayi: Andante rubato alla zingaresca (violin by Luiz Bellini)
  • - Paganini: Cantabile in D Major (violin by Frédéric Chaudière)
  • - Wagner / Wilhelmj: Albumblatt (violin by Domenico Fantin)
  • - Scott / Kreisler: Lotus Land (violin by Joseph Curtin)
  • - Sarasate: Faust Fantasy (fragment) (violin by Roberto Regazzi)
  • - Wieniawski: Garden Scene from Faust Fantasy (violin by Giancarlo Guicciardi)
  • - Tchaikovsky / Grunes: Valse Sentimentale Op. 51 No. 6 (violin by R. Scrollavezza)
  • Hubert Leonard: Cadenza for the 2nd movement of Beethoven’s Concerto
  • - Violin by Gregg Alf
  • - Violin by Samuel Zygmuntowicz
  • - Violin by Peter Greiner
  • - Violin by Primo Pistoni
  • - Violin by William Muller
  • - Violin by John Dilworth
  • - Violin by Patrick Robin
  • - Violin by Alberto Giordano
  • - Violin by David Bagué
  • - Violin by Roger Hargrave
  • - Violin by Christoph GÖtting
  • - Violin by Luiz Bellini
  • - Violin by Frédéric Chaudière
  • - Violin by Domenico Fantin
  • - Violin by Joseph Curtin
  • - Violin by Roberto Regazzi
  • - Violin by Giancarlo Guicciardi
  • - Violin by Renato Scrollavezza
  • Ruggiero Ricci - violin
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Nr kat.: CDS373
Label  : Dynamic (Italia)

>>> Większa okładka A <<< With this CD we wish to celebrate Ruggiero Ricci, who at the age of 83 years chose to pay tribute to the 18 violin makers he has known in his long career by playing a different piece on each of their violins. This CD is not to be seen as a recital but as Ruggiero Ricci's act of gratitude towards the men who provided the instruments for his great art. As well as pieces by Schubert, Sarasate, Sibelius, Granados, Liszt, Tchaikovsky, Wieniawski and others, Ruggiero Ricci also plays eighteen times (once on each violin) a fragment of the cadenza which Hubert Leonard wrote for Beethoven's concerto. The booklet will be in digibox form, in colour, with detailed photographs of all the instruments and the curricula of all their makers.