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Roy Ayers

A shining symbol

1 Running Away 3:57 2 Love Will Bring Us Back Together 5:52 3 Searching 4:07 4 Everybody Loves the Sunshine 3:52 5 Mystic Voyage 3:38 6 Time And Space 4:06 7 Evolution 4:32 8 He's a Superstar 5:34 9 2000 Black 5:20 10 Red, Black and Green 4:36 11 We Live in Brooklyn, Baby 3:43 12 He's Coming 13 I Wanna Touch You Baby 4:21 14 Can't You See Me 6:55 15 Fire Weaver 7:13 16 Shining Symbol 3:49
  • Roy Ayers - vibraphone
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Nr kat.: 5193782
Label  : UNIVERSAL (Hong-Kong)

Płyty tej serii zapakowane są w oryginalne, kartonowe pudełka. Te - stylizowane sa na hurtownicze skrzynki. W środku - klasyczny jewel case, a pod nim materiały dodatkowe - plakaty, booklet, materiały promocyjne. Na zewnętrzne kartony naklejono paski, z miniaturką oryginalnej grafiki płyty. AllMusic Review by Jason Elias [-] By the time this was released in 2002, many Roy Ayers fans had probably given up on having a definitive collection. Shining Symbol: The Ultimate Collection, like many compilations before it, seems to be an unbalanced and boring set of some pretty timeless and captivating music. The good part is that most of the essentials are indeed here. "Red Black and Green," "He's a Superstar," and "Shining Symbol" are a good representation, but pretty overexposed at this point. By 1975 if not midway through Mystic Voyage, Ayers became a more R&B/jazz-centered artist rather than a strictly jazz act. The result, arguably, was even better music that suited his melodic and musical strong suits. Songs like "Searching," "Everybody Loves the Sunshine," and "Running Away" still awe no matter what wrongheaded set they appear on. Like many Ayers compilations, Shining Symbol: The Ultimate Collection's credibility is lost with the glaring omissions of Ayers' 1977-1983 Polydor work. "I Wanna Touch You Baby" and "Can't You See Me" are both minor songs compared to the at least 25 songs that are better than them. No doubt some great Roy Ayers songs are here, but like many of his compilations, there's just not enough.


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