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Rodney Whitaker

Children Of The Light

Rodney Whitaker - Children of The Light 01. Mandela's Muse (6:47) 02. Broadway (4:30) 03. One Silent Moment (6:06) 04. On Green Dolphin Street (5:32) 05. Woman Child (5:14) 06. Mood Swings (7:26) 07. (Queen) Roz (6:53) 08. Clildren of The Light (5:51) 09. Langman (7:00) 10. El Morro (7:14) 11. Cultural Warrior (7:02)
  • Rodney Whitaker - double bass

Produkt w tej chwili niedostępny.

Rodney the magnate who leads young musicians in Detroit took the leadership in this work for the first time. This is an all star album that the first rank musicians in high spirits got together at the bassist who costarred with Johnny Griffin, Jyunko Ohnishi, etc and plays an active part in Lincoln Jazz Orchestra. At the time of recording, James Carter was most influential among them, and in the 2nd song of this album overwhelmingly shows his existence on his solo like blowing away everything with powerful blow.


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