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Roberto Caravella

L' Iguana [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Voci di Ocana (1) 02:02 Verso Ocana 02:33 Il sogno dell'iguana 03:35 Canzone di Ilario 01:52 Praeludium Quaerendo Ylarios Invenietis 01:24 Prologo 01:59 Auloy 01:34 Voci di Ocana (2) 01:20 Les voix de la maison 01:32 Aleardo e l'acqua 03:01 Libera nos Domine 01:40 Fantasia per tiorba sulla folia di Spagna 02:20 Canone a tre 01:37 Tema di Aleardo 02:01 Voci di Ocana (3) 00:55 Preludio per Qanoon 01:57 Aria di Don Fidenzio 02:01 Partite di folia 08:47 Notte di Ilario 01:43
  • Roberto Caravella - conductor
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Nr kat.: CDA0201
Label  : III Millennio

The 2004 film L'iguana, directed by Catherine McGilvray, is based on the novel by Anna Maria Ortese. The story follows the adventures of a rich Italian Count who, while sailing ends up on the remote island of Ocana, just off the Portuguese coast. While there, he meets three impoverished Portuguese aristocrats living cut off from the rest of the world, thrown back into the nineteenth century. This new release is the original motion picture soundtrack, composed by Roberto Caravella and performed by Il Cantiere Della Muse. Roberto Caravella specializes in music from the Middle Ages through the beginning of the 18th century. He has spent decades researching techniques of lute-making and the repair of ancient musical instruments. He founded Il Cantiere Della Muse in the late 1970s, and remains the Artistic Director. In addition to his music for theater and film, he is the composer of several critically acclaimed chamber and symphonic works