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Rinde Eckert, Bill Frisell

Finding My Way Home

Rinde Eckert - finding my way home 01. I'll Never Go A Roving (5:02) 02. Sitting On Top Of The World (5:12) 03. One Of Those Mysteries (5:35) 04. Ellen Waltzing (2:44) 05. Crossing The Country: Rivers End (2:11) 06. Crossing The Country: Trophy Onhte Run (5:05) 07. Crossing The Country: Mazing Grace (1:14) 08. Crossing The Country: Facing East (3:31) 09. Gospel Plough (5:20) 10. John Knows (2:41) 11. Heaven In His Eyes (Standing In Line, Imagining Work Songs, Lay That Shovel Down, On The Way Home) (17:11)
  • Rinde Eckert - vocal
  • Bill Frisell - guitar
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Nr kat.: DIW859
Label  : DIW - Japonia

Here's a truly original performer! Eckert, who was involved with theater and dance and was closely connected to the music of composer Paul Dresher, has an amazing vocal range as he goes from an almost countertenor sound to a rich, deep bass. This is a record that is completely impossible to categorize other than as a on-of-a kind performance that utilizes elements of many musical forms. Check out the wild version of the Howlin' Wolf blues Sittin? On Top Of The World and an Amazing Grace like you've never heard it!