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REICH, Kuniko

kuniko plays reich

  • Kuniko Kato - kuniko plays reich
  • 1. electric counterpoint - version for percussions (1987/2009) arr. for steel pans, vibraphone & marimba and pre-recorded tape (arr. kuniko) movement i : fast (6:53)
  • 2. movement ii : slow (3:22)
  • 3. movement iii : fast (4:43)
  • 4. six marimbas counterpoint (1986/2010) arr. for solo marimba and pre-recorded tape (arr. kuniko) (16:34)
  • 5. vermont counterpoint - version for vibraphone (1982/2010) arr. for vibraphone and pre-recorded tape (arr. kuniko)(9:48)
  • Kuniko - vibraphone

Produkt w tej chwili niedostępny.

'Kuniko Kato is a first rate percussionist who has put a lot of careful thought and hours of rehearsal into making this excellent CD. She has created new and very beautiful arrangements.' Steve Reich, 2011 • ‘kuniko plays reich’ features three premiere arrangements of Steve Reich’s Electric Counterpoint for electric guitar and tape, Six Marimbas op. tr and Vermont Counterpoint. • The exciting arrangements were all created in consultation with Reich (who has contributed to the booklet), and legendary guitarist Pat Metheny advised on ‘electric counterpoint - version for percussions’, having given the debut performance in 1987. • The recording showcases KUNIKO’s new live solo marimba part that accompanies the pre-recorded tape of five marimbas in Six Marimbas Counterpoint. • KUNIKO worked alongside some of the most respected producers, to create the perfect surround and stereo mixes of these vibrant works. • This recording was made without loops or quantization. With up to twelve overlapping tracks, plus a live performance, each arrangement has a consistent timbre that allows the individual tracks to weave within each other, creating waves of sound. • Named ‘our greatest living composer’ by The New York Times and a Pulitzer Prize winner, Reich is a pioneer of minimalist music. In this selection of compositions, Reich purposely limits his coloristic choices by only using instruments from within one family, thusly allowing other music variables such as melodic and rhythmic figures to take centre stage. • KUNIKO is a soloist who is recognised around the world as one of the most gifted and significant percussionists of her generation in today’s contemporary and classical music scene. • KUNIKO has performed at the Huddersfield Festival with her performance broadcast on BBC Radio. • KUNIKO has worked with the likes of Seji Ozawa, Toru Takemitsu, James Wodd, Steve Reich, Keiko Harada, Franco Donatoni and others.


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