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Rebecka Larsdotter

Feathers and Concrete

  • 1. System Overload
  • 2. Wise One
  • 3. Friday Sweep
  • 4. Pearl of Glass
  • 5. Verkligheten ar en drom
  • 6. Cracks
  • 7. Strangers in a Garden
  • 8. Waiting in the Wind
  • 9-10. System Overload / Pimpy's Brew (Extended Version)
  • Rebecka Larsdotter - vocal
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Nr kat.: PCD113
Label  : Prophone Records

Rebecka Larsdotter, vocals; Ruslan Sirota, keyboard; Vardan Ovsepian, keyboard; Charles Altura, guitar; J P Maramba, upright bass; Hadrien Feraud, electric bass; Chris Coleman , drums; Tony Austin, drums; Nick Mancini, vibes; Zane Musa, saxophone. Rebecka Larsdotter wrote her first song at the age of 2, recorded by her older sister on a simple tape-recorder. She has since been singing and playing piano, violin, guitar, and finally made music her full time life in 2002 by taking on a Masters Degree in Music from Örebro and Malmö University of Music, where she graduated in 2008. After that Rebecka moved to the US (Los Angeles, then New York) to pursue her passion for songwriting and performing. Today she's back in Sweden, Stockholm, writing, performing, singing, and working as a voice and piano instructor. On her debut recording, Feathers & Concrete, she delivers smooth contemporary jazz with a touch of soul. In the band you find well-established musicians from Hollywood, such as guitarist Charles Altura who won a GRAMMY in 2011 together with the bassist Stanley Clarke.