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Raul Midon

Bad Ass and Blind

01. Bad Ass and Blind (3:44) 02. Red, Green, Yellow (2:54) 03. Pedal To The Metal (3:38) 04. Wings of Mind (3:49) 05. If Only (6:27) 06. Sound Shadow (2:42) 07. Jack (Robert Lorick) (3:30) 08. You & I (3:42) 09. All That I Am (4:27) 10. Gotta Gotta Give (3:21) 11. Fly Like An Eagle (5:59)
  • Raul Midon - vocals, guitar
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Nr kat.: ART7050
Label  : Artistry Music (USA)

'What I do is clear and true, it’ll mesmerize your mind Climb aboard this ship of rhyme and what you’ve lost you’ll find When to me you listen close your neighbors will not mind ‘Cause just like you they’ll listen too and leave their cares behind I’m bad ass, bad ass, bad ass and blind' Put Raul Midón in a box and he’ll jump right out. Songwriter, instrumentalist, mouth-musician, soul singer, jazz improvisor, Latin songster, guitarist, baritone. None of those identifiers works alone to define his musical strengths. He is all, and more of them, and there’s no box that will contain him. His ribbons of talent overflow; they don’t tie him up and they are all on display on his upcoming Artistry Music release ‘Bad Ass and Blind’. Raul Midon - w naszej ofercie


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