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Rashied Ali

Ali, Belogenis and Morris Live at Tonic

Rashied Ali - Ali, Belogenis and Morris Live at Tonic 01. Invocation: Trane Is in the House (15:58) 02. Elixir (9:56) 03. Red Shifting (10:51) 04. Norfollk Street Run Down (13:49) 05. Heavenly Start (7:21) 06. Brazilia (10:39) 07. Spiritual (3:53)
  • Rashied Ali - drums
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Nr kat.: DIW940
Label  : DIW - Japonia

Today, who blows the sax as enthusiastically as he do. Comparing with the super veterans Wilber Morris (b) and Rashied Ali (ds), Belogenis blows so energetically that he almost knocks away the veterans! This is his first appearance on DIW. This strong jazz kicks the sloppy situation that makes much of only sloppy jazz. Another link to Coltrane, saxophonist Belogenis is an adventurous "downtown" player having studied with John Zorn and played with Andrew Cyrille, Sunny Murray and more. The other Coltrane connection is drummer Rashied Ali, the last drummer to work regularly with the great saxophonist. Belogenis and Ali created the quintet Prima Materia which made three CDs - newly looking at avant-garde music of Trane, Albert Ayler, etc.