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Randy Weston

African Cookbook

1 Berkshire Blues 4:57 2 Portrait of Vivian 3:43 3 Willie's Tune 4:07 4 Niger Mambo 5:23 5 African Cookbook 12:14 6 Congolese Children2:08 7 Blues for Five Reasons 3:07
  • Randy Weston - percussion
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LP-180G 33rpm:

Nr kat.: SD1609

When this set was recorded in 1964, pianist Randy Weston had no luck interesting any label to release the music, so he came out with it independently on his tiny Bakton company & then in 1972 Atlantic released the performances. It is surprising that no company in the mid-1960s signed Weston up because "Willie's Tune" from the set had the potential to catch on, "Berkshire Blues" is somewhat known and the mixture of accessible bop with African rhythms overall is appealing. Trumpeter Ray Copeland was responsible for the arrangements while Weston contributed all but one of the songs. Copeland and the great tenor Booker Ervin have their share of solo space, bassist Vishnu Wood and drummer Lenny McBrowne are fine in support, and on three numbers the percussion of Big Black and Sir Harold Murray are added; Big Black also sings on "Congolese Children". An excellent outing, infectionously listenable!! Review: hi-fi + February issue , Dennis Davis Recording 90/100 Sound 90/100 Those who know Randy Weston, know him for a handful of Riverside titles stashed away in their collections, or perhaps from his well received 2013 The Roots Of The Blues CD, with Billie Harper. But Weston has released dozens of albums over a long career as a recording artist stretching back to 1954, and is part responsible for the incorporation of any African rhythm and melody into bob jazz. One of his earliest achievements in this regard was this set recorded in 1964, which was picked up by Atlantic Records in 1972 and released in the form here reproduced by Pure Pleasure. Among his sidemen are arranger Ray Copeland on trumpet and Booker Ervin on tenor sax, both of whom are given plenty of space to solo. The first three songs are so catchy and any one could have been a `hit' by jazz standards. Three Afro-Caribbean slow burners follow, with one complete side. This is an excellent session and should lead those relatively new to Western to seek out more of his catalogue. Weston recorded at Nola Recording Studios in Manhattan near Carnegie hall: almost famous for being the studio where 13-year-old Barbra Streisand pad to have her own private label first record cut. DD "African Cookbook" - Randy Weston (p); Ray Copeland (tp, flh); Booker Ervin (ts); Vishnu Wood (b); Lenny McBrowne (dr) Big Black (cga); Sir Harold Murray (perc)