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Quarteto Edison Machado


  • Quarteto Edison Machado - Obras [1970]
  • 01. Corcovado (5:38)
  • 02. Monstros De Babalú (6:27)
  • 03. Circulos (4:27)
  • 04. Manhã De Carnaval (1:58)
  • 05. Exotica (4:18)
  • 06. Caminho De Casa (3:41)
  • 07. Mr. Machado (6:47)
  • 08. Outra Vez (4:09)
  • 09. Mr. Eloir (3:15)
  • 10. Amor (6:08)
  • Quarteto Edison Machado - quartet
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Nr kat.: wmcd0015
Label  : WhatMusic

Post-Coltrane Samba Jazz led by master Machado! whatmusic.com presents 'Obras'. This truly great work on a Brasilian indie label by peerless baterista Edison Machado has been unknown outside of a few lucky collectors. Think post-Coltrane Samba Jazz! First ever worldwide release! Features Ion Muniz, Ricardo dos Santos Includes tough version of Donato's 'Caminho de Casa', some storming originals & a brace of Jobim tunes An unceremonious conversation with Edison Machado is an adventure full of emotion and overflowing frankness. Edison speaks with his heart and principally with rhythm, everything that he carries inside him in his impressively great soul. OBRAS, this record that you are listening to is the real Edison. And why Obras? It speaks of him, of Brasil, of samba, of the Cariocas, of Rio, of the beach and he sought from this a name or a title for this album. Nothing was really standout. But beating time on his knee, accompanying the sound of building works in Copacabana, Edison had the idea (just like the proverbial light bulb switching on) and shouted: 'OBRAS'. For those who were nearby it was as if the beating and grinding of the machinery was accompanying him in samba time. More or less as if he was a maestro conducting that hallucinogenic symphony of industrial progress. To hear this record, is to know how hard the heart beats inside the greatest drummer in Brasil. You'll see and know the personality and the joyous and irreverent spirit inside Edison. And be careful! You'll also understand, like and identify much more with the true spirit of Brasilian Samba which here is dressed in new and modern clothing, totally free, all of that and all of Edison. Claudio The Musicians Edison Machado A Brasilian who for the last 20 years has been a musician playing drums. He has played with just about every great exponent of Brasilian music. He was the creator of syncopated 'samba no prato' - where the rhythm is played out on the cymbals, which in 1957 was a massive success. He's travelled a lot principally in Uruguay, Chile, Japan, Mexico, New York, Miami, Italy and other countries. As is common during these trips he was much in demand and he collaborated on many recordings. In 1967 he returned to Brasil and formed this current quartet which has already made a name for itself in the last three years or so. Alfredo Rodrigues Cardim Born in Rio 22/6/49. Began studying piano from the age of eight. At fifteen he had his own trio, since when he's never ceased to shine brilliantly in his playing. He hasn't abandoned his studies and is currently studying music at the Pro-Arte school. Throughout his career he has also played in a number of shows including a month-long stint in Washington in 1970. Ion Muniz Started his career playing alto sax and with time became a first class player, today he also plays the tenor sax and flute. He is currently considered one of the best saxophonists in the country and his mastery is equal to many players from outside of Brasil. Ion has been playing with enormous success in this Edison Machado group since 1967. Ricardo Pereira dos Santos Born in Niteroí, Ricardo has been studying music since he was a kid. At fifteen he started playing double bass, an instrument of which he has truly become a master. It would be superfluous to run through all of his achievements here, especially as on this record he shows some of the things he has learned whilst playing 'around and about'. Ricardo has also been a member of the quartet since its conception in 1967 and continues to add to its enormous success. Wheads Brito da Fonseca Despite his name, is Brasilian and an aficionado of music since childhood, when he began studying guitar. Always modest, he prefers not to even talk about himself. For years he's been asked by Edison to be part of his group, but he only joined reluctantly, preferring not to disrupt his normal everyday routine! A consummate guitarist, he agreed to play on a single track of this record but this one track shows his singular naturalness and his enormous quality of playing. Translated from the original liner notes Remastered from the original tapes by Ricardo Garcia at Magic Master Rio de Janeiro January 2002 Special thanks to Durval Ferreira, Bill Horne, Ellen Machado, Edison Jr & Ricardo dos Santos © 2002 whatmusic.com