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PROKOFIEV, Leonard Slatkin, Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra

Ivan The Terrible

  • 1. Overture And Chorus
  • 2. March Of The Young Ivan/The Broad Expanse of the Sea
  • 3. I'll Be The Tsar!/God Is Glorified/Long Live Our Tsar/The Sea
  • 4. Simpleton/The White Swan/Glorification/The White Swan
  • 5. On the Bones of Our Enemies
  • 6. The Cannoneers/To Kazan!
  • 7. Ivan Pleads with the Boyars
  • 8. Yefosiniya and Anatasia/Soung About the Beaver/Ivan at the Coffin of Anastasia/Choir of the Oprichniks
  • 9. The Song of Fyodor Basmanov
  • 10. Polonaise
  • 11. Finale
  • Leonard Slatkin - conductor
  • Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra - orchestra
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Nr kat.: UDSACD4003
Label  : Mobile Fidelity

*Hybrid SACD 4.0* ULTRA DISC II/Gain 2

Prokofiev wrote some of the most dramatic music of his career for the Eisenstein film, Ivan The Terrible. Most critics consider this a masterpiece and a companion composition to his other collaboration with Eisenstein, Alexander Nevsky. Prokofiev uses everything the orchestra can deliver and then adds a magnificent chorus and even church bells. Although the score was arranged for oratorio form, conductor Leonard Slatkin, a master of this repertoire, dispensed with the narrative and concentrated on just the music. The result is an even more involving experience. This 1979 recording originally made for the Vox label has never been available a single disc before- and never in powerful 4.0 SACD surround sound