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PRIMA VOCE, Emma Eames, Pol Plancon

Emma Eames and Pol Plancon 1903-1911

Emma Eames and Pol Plancon 1903-1911 image
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  • 1 Plançon
    ROBERT LE DIABLE, Meyerbeer, Nonnes, qui reposez 4.00
    Rec: 14 April 1908 Matrix: C 6110-1 Victor Cat: 85125

    2 Plançon
    L'ÉTOILE DU NORD, Meyerbeer, Ô jours heureux de joie et de mis?re 3.46
    Rec: 14 April 1908 Matrix: C 6111-2 Victor Cat: 85124

    3 Plançon
    LE PARDON DE PLOËRMEL, Meyerbeer, En chasse 3.05
    Rec: 25 February 1905 Matrix: B 2338-1 Victor Cat: 81065

    4 Eames
    CARMEN, Bizet, Je dis que rien ne m'épouvante 4.18
    Rec: 14 May 1906 Matrix: C 3386-1 Victor Cat: 88036

    5 Eames
    FAUST, Gounod, Ah! je ris de me voir si belle (Jewel Song) 3.14
    Rec: 20 February 1905 Matrix: C 2317-1 Victor Cat: 88006

    6 Plançon
    FAUST, Gounod, Vous qui faîtes l'endormie (Mephistopheles' Serenade) 3.16
    Rec: 23 January 1906 Matrix: C 3023-1 Victor Cat: 85100

    7 Plançon
    ROMÉO ET JULIETTE, Gounod, Allons! jeunes gens 2.19
    Rec: 29 January 1904 Matrix: B 990-1 Victor Cat: 81035

    8 Eames
    ROMÉO ET JULIETTE, Gounod, Je veux vivre dans ce r?ve (Waltz Song) 3.25
    Rec: 13 November 1906 Matrix: C 4032-1 Victor Cat: 88011

    9 Plançon
    LA DAMNATION DE FAUST, Berlioz, Voici des roses 3.05
    Rec: 27 March 1907 Matrix: C 4344-1 Victor Cat: 85117

    10 Plançon
    LA DAMNATION DE FAUST, Berlioz, Devant la maison 2.02
    Rec: 23 January 1906 Matrix: B 3024-1 Victor Cat: 81034

    11 Plançon
    LE CA?D, Thomas, Enfant chéri ... Le Tambour-Major 4.17
    Rec: 27 March 1907 Matrix: C 3030-2 Victor Cat: 85119

    12 Eames, Emilio de Gogorza
    LE NOZZE DI FIGARO, Mozart, Crudel, perche finora 3.01
    Rec: 6 April 1909 Matrix: C 6967-1 Victor Cat: 89023

    13 Eames, Marcella Sembrich
    LE NOZZE DI FIGARO, Mozart, Sull' aria ... Che soave zeffiretto 3.20
    Rec: 25 January 1908 Matrix: C 5040-3 Victor Cat: 95202

    14 Eames, Emilio de Gogorza
    DON GIOVANNI, Mozart, La ci darem la mano 3.22
    Rec: 9 March 1906 Matrix: C 3170-2 Victor Cat: 89005

    15 Eames, Emilio de Gogorza
    DIE ZAUBERFLÖTE, Mozart, Bei M?nnern [Sung in Italian] 3.40
    Rec: 9 March 1906 Matrix: C 3171 Victor Cat: 89003

    16 Plançon
    DIE ZAUBERFLÖTE, Mozart, O Isis und Osiris [Sung in Italian] 3.45
    Rec: 24 January 1905 Matrix: C 2201-1 Victor Cat: 85042

    17 Plançon
    DIE ZAUBERFLÖTE, Mozart, In diesen heil'gen Hallen [Sung in Italian] 2.55
    Rec: 25 February 1905 Matrix: C 2337-1 Victor Cat: 85077

    18 Eames, Louise Homer
    LOHENGRIN, Wagner, Du ?rmste kannst wohl nie ermessen 3.55
    Rec: 25 May 1908 Matrix: C 3739 Victor Cat: 89021

    19 Eames
    Schubert, Gretchen am Spinnrade 4.02
    Rec: 27 November 1911 Matrix: C 11312 Victor Cat: 88367

    20 Plançon
    STABAT MATER, Rossini, Pro peccatis 2.54
    Rec: 29 January 1904 Matrix: B 991-1 Victor Cat: 81033

    21 Plançon
    LA SONNAMBULA, Bellini, Il mulino, il fonte ... Vi ravviso, o luoghi ameni 3.29
    Rec: 23 December 1903 Matrix: C 871 Victor Cat: 85018
  • PRIMA VOCE - serie
  • Emma Eames - soprano
  • Pol Plancon - bass
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Nr kat.: NI7860
Label  : Nimbus Records

Emma Eames was an American soprano renowned for the beauty of her voice. She sang major lyric and lyric-dramatic roles in opera and had an important career in New York, London and Paris during the last decade of the 19th century and the first decade of the 20th century. Pol-Henri Plançon was a distinguished French operatic bass. He was one of the most acclaimed singers active during the 1880s, 1890s and early 20th century—a period often referred to as the "Golden Age of Opera". Gramophone Magazine

“Here, in the first place, is a marvellous sense of period. Perhaps because of the concentration on two representative figures, it is possible to feel even closer to 'The Era of Patt' than in the excellent anthology of Nimbus's that bears that name. The selection of recordings by both singers has been well made. I should add that the amount of hall-resonance in these Nimbus transfers is, I would have thought, likely to be unacceptable only to people who have already made up their mind that they don't want any at all, and the horn-resonance points, troublesome in some of the earlier issues in the series, seem to have been virtually eliminated”