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P.O.D. / Incubus / Linkin Park

Little Nicky

  • 1 School of Hard Knocks POD 4:04
  • 2 Pardon Me Incubus 3:45
  • 3 Change (in the House of Flies) Deftones 4:58
  • 4 (Rock) Superstar Cypress Hill 4:37
  • 5 Natural High Insolence 3:20
  • 6 Points of Authority Linkin Park 3:21
  • 7 Stupify Disturbed 5:08
  • 8 Nothing Unloco 2:40
  • 9 When Worlds Collide Powerman Five Thousand 2:57
  • 10 Cave Muse 4:46
  • 11 Take My Picture Filter 4:22
  • 12 Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away} Deftones 4:33
  • P.O.D. / Incubus / Linkin Park - artist
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Nr kat.: 93624785620
Label  : Warner Music

Appropriately enough for a movie about Satan's misfit son, the original soundtrack to the Adam Sandler vehicle Little Nicky features churning alt-metal and rap from the likes of Linkin Park, Disturbed, and Cypress Hill. P.O.D.'s "School of Hard Knocks," Powerman 5000's "When Worlds Collide," Incubus's "Pardon Me," and Filter's "Take My Picture" are some of the soundtrack's hellacious highlights, along with two tracks from the Deftones, "Change" and an acoustic version of "Be Quiet and Drive." Like the film itself, the Little Nicky soundtrack offers few surprises, but won't disappoint fans of the bands it includes. (AMG)