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PLA, Claudi Arimany, English Chamber Orchestra, Jose Louis Garcia

Concerti per flauto

Claudi Arimany - Pla: Concerti per flauto Concerto for flute & string orchestra in B flat major - 01. Allegro moderato (7:09) 02. Adagio (6:28) 03. Allegretto (5:05) Concerto for flute & string orchestra in G major - 04. Allegro spiritoso (5:52) 05. Adagio (4:38) 06. Allegretto (5:02) Concerto in B-flat major, V.2 - 07. Allegro moderato (6:09) 08. Larghetto (5:15) 09. Allegretto (4:32)
  • Claudi Arimany - flute
  • English Chamber Orchestra - orchestra
  • Jose Louis Garcia - conductor
  • PLA
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Nr kat.: ENY9721
Label  : Ensayo (Hiszpania)

Joan, Josep and Manuel Pla are three significant representatives of the great vitality that characterized musical creativity throughout the 18th century, but they also highlight the destiny of many of its main figures, who have now been forgotten, although in their day they enjoyed international fame. However, the biographical data of these three brothers, part of a family that originally came from Balaguer (Spain), is incomplete so that even such important dates as their births and their deaths are only known approximately. What is known is that in the mid-18th century, Joan and Josep Pla journeyed throughout Europe, displaying their talents as soloists and composers in numerous performances both in palace salons and in public concert halls - a novelty at that time - until they joined the Duke of Wurttemberg's well-known orchestra. In 1762, while in service of the court at Ludwigsburg, Josep died and his elder brother Joan decided to return to his earlier bohemian lifestyle, traveling to London and Lisbon among other places. Manuel Pla, in turn, wrote music for the theaters of Madrid, where he died in 1766. As well as making a significant contribution to the development of lyrical theater, he also composed chamber music, and one of the concertos included on this most interesting CD.