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Phantom Limbs

The Pines

  • Phantom Limb - The Pines
  • 01. The Pines (3:42)
  • 02. Tumbling Down (4:13)
  • 03. Give Me a Reason (3:32)
  • 04. I'll Have Mercy (4:53)
  • 05. It's the Only Way (3:50)
  • 06. Laugh Like You're Mad (3:17)
  • 07. Gravy Train (4:15)
  • 08. Badge of Descension (3:42)
  • 09. Hollow Eyes (3:52)
  • 10. Missy (3:24)
  • 11. Harder than Stone (4:14)
  • 12. High and Dry (7:35)
  • 13. Angel of Death (bonus track) (4:57)
  • Phantom Limbs - group
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Nr kat.: Naim166
Label  : NAIM Records

Phantom Limb are an unusual musical prospect, drawing together a range of different sounds and experiences. By day, various members of the group have earned their crust as session musicians, vocalists and songwriters, skirting round the edges of the industry. A glance at their collective musical CV would list collaborations with everyone from Pee Wee Ellis and Percy Sledge to Tom Jones. Charismatic lead singer Yolanda Quartey, who has sung lead spots with Nitin Sawhney and Chase & Status, spent the summer of 2008 touring with Massive Attack, written for Will Young and performed backing vocals for Adele and Dizzee Rascal. By Yolanda's own admission, though, the band has found it hard remaining in the shadows. "You're supposed to be able to shrink back," as she puts it. "I've had to play down my voice, and that's the worst thing, actually." Having met by chance amidst these workmanlike sessions, Phantom Limb formed in 2004, and released their self-titled debut album in 2008. Yet it is with their second offering - The Pines - that you sense they're truly stepping out to the front of the stage. The Pines is an assured, well-studied and heartfelt record, absorbing an array of classic influences. Musically, the songs stand at the crossroads between Country and classic R&B, which - from Ray Charles' country albums to The Staple Singers fronting The Band - still feels relatively unexplored. Yet as Yolanda succinctly puts it, "Country and gospel are the same, just with different race singers." The skill of Phantom Limb lies in their ability to assimilate these seemingly-disparate influences in a manner that feels effortless and idiosyncratic. The Pines was in part conceived on the road, then in rural France, before being produced by Marc Ford (The Black Crowes) in Signal Hill; the oil capital of California. All proved to be conducive settings for an album largely written about escape. It's all there in the restlessness of the title track, as well as the bruised-hearted Muscle Shoals vibes of ‘Give Me A Reason'. The resigned, working-for-the-man sigh of ‘Gravy Train' captures the overriding sense that the band have spent all day making ends meet, but will sing songs they love long into the night. The Pines themselves act as a central metaphor for the longing to break out, and creatively, Phantom Limb appears to provide these expert musicians with the opportunity to do just that. Some stellar musicianship aside, The Pines is arguably held together by the powerful, tender vocals of Yolanda. "My voice was pretty much incongruously massive from a very young age," she laughs. "I used to sing Aretha Franklin as well as Dolly Parton, but I always had country licks more than soul licks. So I thought, I have to try to find a place for them both, and it took years." And while it may have taken them their time, The Pines sees Phantom Limb find a space that is very much their own. Produced by Marc Ford ************************************* Record Collector 4 Stars “beautifully arranged and played…Extraordinary” Poperganda “you owe it to yourself to check out the soulful, emotive and eloquent Phantom Limb sound, truly, a musical gift that keeps on giving.” more >> Newcastle Courier "somewhat empowering...pleasant record" Burton Mail "The band may be from the West Country but their sound is rooted firmly in the States" Altsounds “impressive album” more >> Dead Press “With a little less fine-tuning to suit an easy-listening audience, Phantom Limb could become a great rock band. The talent is most certainly there, we’re just waiting for their true colours to be shown.” more >> Ulster Star "a clear blend of musical styles and traditios, with country riffs joining together with a soulful base and gospel vibes, all topped off with memories of Motown classics" Bristol Evening Post "Gravy Train is a upbeat affair with some juicy hooks" The Telegraph 4 Stars "an airy west coast twang guilds the strong melodies" more >> Fatea "Essential listening" more >> Music OMH "you're left pining for that little bit more" more >> Word Magazine "Luxuriant, harmonised ‘70s guitar pop" more >> The Guardian "country-soul...dripping with lyrical references...always pleasant" more >> Metro "music is easy on the ears and expertly played" more >> The Independent 4 Stars "Phantom Limb have refined their sound further to more clearly occupy the kind of country-soul territory once inhabited by the likes of Dobie Gray and The Staple Singers" more >> Shout 4 Music "occasional gospel tinged touch here and there... a pleasant listen" more >> Contact Music 2performances from the band are impressive throughout" more >> Glasswerk "not only the finest album I've heard so far this year but one that I confidently expect to see on the ‘Best of 2012' " more >> Classic Rock " Bristol is the new home of country rock. And six-piece Phantom Limb are at its core" UNCUT "a solid seam of Southern soul, rock, country and gospel, leading from the front with the righteous holler of Yolanda Quartey" Subba Cultcha "The year might only be a few weeks old but I doubt we'll see another British record quite like this one in 2012." more >> FWD Music "a heart-wrenchingly pessimistic outlook on life, and a continual dedication to their outstanding musicianship." more >> Blues & Soul "A gut bucket rolling rocker with divine backing vocals and some pure emotional conviction" more >> Music News.com 4 Stars "If this had been an album from the 70’s mid-south I’d probably mark it up as a lost classic but this is by a band from Bristol so I guess that makes it a now classic – either way, classic." more >> The Guardian "Phantom Limb The Pines: What modern pop has lacked recently is a band that fuses country and soul. Led by the wonderful Yolanda Quartey, Bristolians Phantom Limb do the job with a mix of poignancy and sensuality." The Kaje "sends shivers down your spine" more >> All Gigs "best single of the week...the equivalent of having your privates kissed by angels. Probably." more >>


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