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Peter Sixtus Johannesson, Max Schultz

Johannesson and Schultz

  • 1. Maria (Peter Johannesson) >>> MP3 <<<
  • 2. Way Back (Max Schultz) >>> MP3 <<<
  • 3. Too Simple (Max Schultz) >>> MP3 <<<
  • 4. Big McKee (Max Schultz) >>> MP3 <<<
  • 5. Timeless (Max Schultz) >>> MP3 <<<
  • 6. The Force (Max Schultz) >>> MP3 <<<
  • 7. Footloose (Max Schultz)
  • 8. Kling (Max Schultz)
  • 9. Blues for Elvin (Max Schultz)
  • 10. Impressions (John Coltrane)
  • 11. Sixtus (Peter Johannesson)
  • 12. Sjöstedts Tolva (Martin Sjöstedt)
  • 13. Maria [alternative version] (Peter Johannesson)
  • 14. Drums for Katinka (Peter Johannesson)
  • Peter Sixtus Johannesson - drums
  • Max Schultz - guitar
  • Bobo Stenson - piano
  • Martin Sjostedt - double bass
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Nr kat.: PCD108
Label  : Prophone Records

Peter Johannesson and Max Schultz, both self-taught musicians, started playing together in the mid 1980s when they toured with Herbie Hancock. Around this time Peter and Max performed a succession of concerts with another pianist, Bobo Stenson, who had been an idol of their youth. As they performed together they decided to record an album. Over the course of a couple of years they produced a series of new compositions from which they made a careful selection for the album. This was recorded in 2008 and has resulted in the present CD.


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