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Peter Epstein

The Invisible

  • 1. Good Fever 9:04
  • 2. The Leaf's Impression 12:06
  • 3. The Invisible 3:06
  • 4. Centrifugal Force 11:20
  • 5. Shut up, Peaceful 11:00
  • 6. Creamy Center 6:02
  • 7. Ornette's Advice 6:52
  • Peter Epstein - saxophone
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Nr kat.: M050A
Label  : MaRecordings

If you were rather disappointed with the "New Millenium" and the inevitable passing of time, then perhaps you should check out Peter Epstein`s new record, "The Invisible." Like all of our releases, we feel this record presents a powerful and viable musical statement that will stand the test of time. What "The Invisible" presents to the listener is an aural look back at the sound of the 60`s, while making strides into the (ever shrinking) creative sonic future. How can this happen? One listen to Jamie Saft`s vintage, vacuum tube powered Italian Farfisa organ on tracks 2, 4 and 6 and you will understand what we mean. But, let`s not forget that this is Peter`s record and that he penned all the compositions to play with this band which also includes the stable Chris Dahlgren on bass and most amazing of drummers, Jim Black. Quite honestly, it is truely difficult to describe the music on this record, but what I can say with conviction is that everyone has his own voice and when everyone "sings" together, the energy and "harmony" is from another world. This quartet is so free, but so tight and Peter`s compositions could not sound better than with the members of this group. (MA Recordgins)


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