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Peter Epstein

Old School

  • 1. Vitamin C 6:08
  • 2. Circumspective Pursuit (for Jim Hall) 5:11
  • 3. Twelve 5:55
  • 4. Meanwhile 8:18
  • 5. Zelzah 7:28
  • 6. After Tomorrow 5:59
  • 7. Monsaraz 7:56
  • 8. Improvisation One 3:18
  • 9. Improvisation Two 2:57
  • 10. For Harry Carney 6:20
  • Peter Epstein - saxophone
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Nr kat.: M058A
Label  : MaRecordings

Recorded with MA Recording`s custom made pair of line level microphones Cables by Cardas Audio For more than 2 years MA Distribution in Japan has been importing and distributing the Fuzzy Music label owned and produced by world famous jazz drummer, Peter Erskine. A congenial relationship between Peter and MA producer, Todd Garfinkle, thus established, led to the discussion of the creation of this record with Peter Erskine`s participation. Sax player Peter Epstein suggested working with bass player, Scott Colley who has played with almost everybody who is anybody in the US jazz scene, including most recently Herbie Hancock and Jim Hall. The Trio was formed, but the recording date could not be fixed, until by a stroke of luck, Peter Erskine found out that he was going to be in NYC the last week of January, 2001 to work on pianist/singer Diana Krall's new record. It was decided that the recording could be successfully done in one relaxing Saturday, the day after Peter Erskine`s sessions with Diana Krall were to finish. BUT, halfway through the sessions with Krall, Erskine was asked to be in the studio on that Saturday as well. It looked as though, the MA session was going to have to be cancelled, but everyone thought, "well, let`s just go for it anyway!" And, with one three hour rehearsal from 7 to 10 PM the previous (Friday) night, and some creative scheduling, including the set up of one of Erkine`s NYC based drum sets into the church in Chelsea "ahead of time", when Peter Erskine arrived at 5:30 PM, everything was ready to go. He just fine tuned his drums and the session started at 6 PM. Intense concentration and of course, the incredible musicianship of the trio made for a remarkable 4 hour session of hot, but very kool sounding jazz, most of the tunes being done in one take. Remember that "Kind of Blue" was done in 4 hours as well? During email conversations Peter Epstein mentioned to Peter Erskine that the session would have to be done "old school", without much preparation or rehearsal, like in the 50`s and 60`s. Hence, the title and of course the photo of the 50`s juke box on the cover as well. MA is VERY proud to present to the world of jazz, OLD SCHOOL! (MA Recordgins)