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Paul Ruthereford - Iskra 1903

Frankfurt 1991

  • Iskra 1903 (Rutherford - Wachsmann/Guy) / Frankfurt 1991
  • 01. Frankfurter Memories (33:09)
  • 02. After The Interval (8:33)
  • 03. Wachsmann AM Main (9:17)
  • 04. Rutherford AM Main (8:09)
  • 05. Guy AM Main (8:11)
  • 06. To The End Of The Tape (7:27)
  • Paul Ruthereford - Iskra 1903 - group
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Nr kat.: 4051
Label  : Emanem (Anglia)

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"The second edition of Iskra 1903 lasted from about 1977 to 1995, yet only one recording has been published up to now - a 1992 Vancouver performance that appeared on Maya. Numerous other performances were recorded, one of them being this superb 1991 Frankfurt concert. All three musicians were obviously in fine form, right from the start of the opening 33 minute piece which comprised the first half of the concert. This is a trio performance for most of its journey, with all three musicians contributing superbly to make a very fine whole. However, there are some shortish sections where just the strings or the trombone are playing. For the second half of the concert, it was decided to play a short trio, then have three separate solos, followed by another trio. Unfortunately, the cassette used for the recording ran out before the final piece finished, so the ending is lost. Apart from this, the music played at the concert is presented here complete in the order of performance." Martin Davidson (2001)