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PAISIELLO, Marcello Nardis, Razek Francois Bitar, Orchestra Internationale d'Italia, Giovanni Battista Rigon

I Giuochi D'Agrigento

I Giuochi D'Agrigento image
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  • Disc 1:
  • 1. Sinfonia Marcello Nardis 4:27
  • 2. Act I Scene 1: Questa del tuo valore nel cimento agonal degna mercede (Elpenore) Marcello Nardis 0:37
  • 3. Act I Scene 1: Della Zefiria Locri (Chorus, Clearco) Marcello Nardis 2:47
  • 4. Act I Scene 2: O d'egregia fortezza (Eraclide, Clearco, Egesta) Marcello Nardis 1:12
  • 5. Act I Scene 2: Vedro ridente il Sole (Eraclide) Marcello Nardis 4:51
  • 6. Act I Scene 2: Della Zefiria Locri viva il reale atleta (Chorus) Marcello Nardis 0:55
  • 7. Act I Scene 3: O del rettor del tuono, venerandi ministri (Cleone) - Scene 4: Al Pontefice augusto (Eraclide, Clearco, Egesta) Marcello Nardis 3:39
  • 8. Act I Scene 4: So che tacer dovrei (Egesta) Marcello Nardis 2:35
  • 9. Act I Scene 5: Va; ti comprendo (Eraclide, Cleone) Marcello Nardis 1:34
  • 10. Act I Scene 5: Ma qual s'addensa mentre di gioie io parlo (Eraclide) Marcello Nardis 0:42
  • 11. Act I Scene 5: Il ciel flammeggia, e tuona! (Eraclide, Chorus) - Scene 6: Mira il legno che naufrago (Chorus, Aspasia) Marcello Nardis 4:46
  • 12. Act I Scene 6: Sia lode al ciel (Aspasia, Chorus) - Scene 7: Chi giunse al lido? (Eraclide, Chorus, Aspasia) Marcello Nardis 1:36
  • 13. Act I Scene 7: Chiusi all'eterno sonno (Aspasia) Marcello Nardis 0:57
  • 14. Act I Scene 7: Stridea da un lato il vento (Aspasia) Marcello Nardis 6:37
  • 15. Act I Scene 8: Calmato e il nembo alfin (A Priest, Another Priest, Clearco) - Scene 9: Sembra turbato (A Priest, Another Priest, Cleone) Marcello Nardis 1:19
  • 16. Act I Scene 9: Invan di pianto amaro sparse gli altari (Cleone) Marcello Nardis 3:53
  • 17. Act I Scene 10: Ve come pallido, muto, dolente il forte giovine errando va! (Chorus) Marcello Nardis 2:38
  • 18. Act I Scene 10: S'allontani ciascun (Cleone, Clearco) Marcello Nardis 2:00
  • 19. Act I Scene 10: Ma che t'arresto? Scusa (Clearco) Marcello Nardis 0:37
  • 20. Act I Scene 10: Sognai tormenti, affanni (Clearco) Marcello Nardis 5:11
  • 21. Act I Scene 11: Occulta smania siede entro quell'alma (Cleone, Eraclide, Aspasia) Marcello Nardis 0:36
  • 22. Act I Scene 11: Clearco ? (Eraclide, Aspasia, Clearco) Marcello Nardis 9:59 Album Only
  • Disc 2:
  • Song Title Artist Time Price
  • 1. Act II Scene 1: Fortunati naviganti salvi alfin scendeste al lido (Chorus of People, Filosseno, Chorus of People of Agrigento and of Locri) Marcello Nardis 2:25
  • 2. Act II Scenes 1-4: Clearco! Aspasia! (Filosseno, Aspasia, Clearco, Eraclide, Deifile, Egesta) Marcello Nardis 3:23
  • 3. Act II Scene 4: Vieni, o real donzella (Chorus, Egesta) Marcello Nardis 4:32
  • 4. Act II Scene 5: O de' mortali insieme (Cleone) - Scene 6: Dell'atabirio Giove (Eraclide) Marcello Nardis 0:57
  • 5. Act II Scene 6: La dall'eterne sfere ascolta, o nume, i voti (Chorus of Priests, Clearco) Marcello Nardis 4:30
  • 6. Act II Scene 6: Non piu, Clearco, Egesta (Eraclide, Clearco, Egesta, Cleone) Marcello Nardis 0:27
  • 7. Act II Scene 6: Trema il tempio! (Eraclide, Egesta, Filosseno, Aspasia, Clearco, Deifile, Cleone) Marcello Nardis 2:13
  • 8. Act II Scene 6: Purtroppo. Han queste nozze avverso il fato (Cleone, Egesta) Marcello Nardis 0:11
  • 9. Act II Scene 6: Stupito io son (Eraclide) Marcello Nardis 3:11
  • 10. Act II Scene 6: Sul mio capo e ognor sospesa (Eraclide, Chorus) Marcello Nardis 5:07
  • 11. Act II Scene 7: Sventurato monarca mi fai pieta (Cleone, Jupiter's Voice) Marcello Nardis 1:01
  • 12. Act II Scene 7: Andate. Il ciel placato (Cleone, Chorus) Marcello Nardis 1:23
  • 13. Act II Scene 8: Paghi sarete alfine avversi dei (Clearco, Aspasia) Marcello Nardis 2:16
  • 14. Act II Scene 8: Ove son io? Qual negra notte d'orror (Aspasia) Marcello Nardis 2:07
  • 15. Act II Scene 8: Che vi feci avverse stelle? (Aspasia) Marcello Nardis 4:49
  • 16. Act II Scene 9: Prence. M'ascolta (Filosseno, Clearco) - Scene 10: Attonito son io (Filosseno, Cleone) Marcello Nardis 2:00
  • 17. Act II Scene 10: Il pianto avea sul ciglio (Filosseno) Marcello Nardis 4:02
  • 18. Act II Scene 11: Eccovi, o sacri orrori bramati dal mio cor (Clearco) Marcello Nardis 4:18
  • 19. Act II Scene 12: Che fai Clearco in questi luoghi? (Eraclide, Clearco, Egesta, Aspasia, Filosseno, Cleone) Marcello Nardis 0:41
  • 20. Act II Scene 12: Nuove ognor funeste pene (Clearco, Eraclide, Cleone, Aspasia, Filosseno, Egesta) Marcello Nardis 6:02
  • 21. Act III Scene 1: Ah perdona, o de' numi (Clearco, Cleone) - Scene 2: Tu mi lusinghi invano (Clearco, Aspasia) Marcello Nardis 3:05
  • 22. Act III Scene 2: Ah, si ? Si, scorda (Aspasia) Marcello Nardis 1:32
  • 23. Act III Scene 2: Ah, se in te lasciar degg'io (Aspasia, Clearco) Marcello Nardis 3:08
  • 24. Act III Scene 3: Corri, Alceo, corri al mio seno (Cleone, Clearco, Aspasia, Alceo) - Scene 5: Dunque? ? (Alceo, Aspasia) Marcello Nardis 3:25
  • 25. Act III Scene 3: Final Scene: Ah, caro padre! (Alceo, Eraclide) Marcello Nardis 0:53
  • 26. Act III Scene 3: Final Scene: Il figlio ritrovo lo stringo al mio seno (Eraclide, Cleone, Egesta, Filosseno, Deifile, Elpenore, Aspasia, Alceo) Marcello Nardis 6:08
  • 27. Act III Scene 3: Final Scene: Di Sicillia or suoni altera (All) Marcello Nardis 2:13
  • Marcello Nardis - tenor
  • Razek Francois Bitar - soprano
  • Orchestra Internationale d'Italia - orchestra
  • Giovanni Battista Rigon - conductor
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Nr kat.: CDS531
Label  : Dynamic (Italia)

This opera has never been recorded before. Paisiello composed it in 1792 for the Teatro La Fenice of Venice and it is one of the masterpieces of the composer's artistic maturity. It's a "dramma serio", which highlights one of the less famous features of the composer, who is best known for his comic operas. As the artistic director Sergio Segalini underlines in his intro, this is a major cultural event: "Such events allow us to reconsider our own cultural background, to evaluate false beliefs, to correct many mistakes contained in music encyclopaedias as well as to build a better future." Staged for the opening of the La Fenice Theatre in Venice on 6th May 1792, I Giuochi d'Agrigento represents the first collaboration between Giovanni Paisiello and Count Alessandro Pepoli and was indeed the first concrete product of reformed opera according to Pepoli's vision. This opera gained ten years of fortune on European stages thanks to its taste for spectacular elements together with a balanced blend of declamations, decorations, music and dancing. The result is a unique show which has contributed to the creation of a new model, free from the rules previously set by Metastasio Cast Eraclide Marcello Nardis Clearco Razek François Bitar Aspasia Maria Laura Martorana Egesta Mara Lanfranchi Cleone Vincenzo Taormina Filosseno Nicola Amodio Elpenore Vladimer Mebonia Deifile Dolores Carlucci Conductor Giovanni Battista Rigon Orchestra Italian International Orchestra Chorus Slovak Chamber Choir Chorus master Pavol Procházka