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Ottmar Liebert

In the Arms of Love: Lullabies 4 Children + Adults

Ottmar Liebert - In the Arms of Love: Lullabies 4 Children + Adults 01. In The Arms Of Love (6:50) 02. Sea Of Tranquility (6:42) 03. When I Close My Eyes (3:15) 04. Dreaming On The Starlight Train (5:28) 05. Ode 2 The Morning Star (6:34) 06. Twilight Rain (5:44) 07. Querencia (2:15) 08. A Secret Garden (4:17) 09. Caminar Solo (4:06) 10. Quiet Dawn (3:49) 11. Soft Blue Spiral: The Lull Of Falling Waters (4:12) 12. The Music Box: Dreaming Next 2 U (6:34) 13. Waves of Sound (4 Captain Eno) (7:10)
  • Ottmar Liebert - guitar
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Nr kat.: HOMCD12559
Label  : Higher Octave Music

AllMusic Review by Jonathan Widran Since releasing his platinum-selling 1990 debut, the nouveau flamenco sensation has been one of instrumental music's most popular artists, forging the gap between classic flamenco and the gentler acoustic strains of new age. He returns to his original label, Higher Octave Music, for this largely atmospheric hour-plus of gentle acoustic guitar meditations designed to soothe the nerves of both adult and child. Instead of the percussion of his trio, Luna Negra, Liebert is accompanied by different kinds of ambiences. "In the Arms of Love" features a mystical Eastern flavor, while the gentle strumming of "Sea of Tranquility" is enhanced with the sweet hypnosis of real ocean sounds. Likewise, "Twilight Rain" and "Soft Blue Spiral: The Lull of Falling Waters" offer lush forest sounds. "A Secret Garden" goes way east, with a constant Sitar buzz in the background. Liebert's harsher critics might say a lot of his other music has the same hypnotic, sleepy effect as the music here, but finally he can "bash back" by saying this time it's completely by design. And, at that, beautiful for what it is.


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