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Nicolas Meier Group


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Galeria okładek

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  • 1. Bazaar 0:33
  • 2. Vatan/Homeland 5:22
  • 3. Esmerelda/Emerald 8:02
  • 4. Yüz/Face 8:34
  • 5. Horizon 8:00
  • 6. Yemin/Pledge 7:22
  • 7. Neden?/Why? 6:46
  • 8. Anadolu Kervani/ Caravan of Anatolia 9:44
  • 9. Scottish Heart 9:11
  • Nicolas Meier Group - group
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Nr kat.: NAIM103
Label  : NAIM Records

Meier, winner of ‘Grand Prize of the Jury’ and ‘1st Prize Jazz Guitar’ at the French Jazz a Juan Revelations Awards 2006 is a highly accomplished Swiss guitarist and composer. Prior to producing Yüz, he was hailed as one of the rising stars of a vibrant British jazz scene. Yüz, is a multi-cultural, cross-genre musical extravaganza. Combining aspects of Jazz and Blues with World music, Meier’s prolific proficience on guitars, is underpinned by the talents of the Nicolas Meier Group, exhibiting instrumental and influential styles from across the globe on the Naim Label stage. Orient, Meier’s previous release on the Naim Label generated some marvellous press: "Meier is elegant in tone and bubbling with ideas... his originality as a writer, a player and a team leader dispatches any doubts." John Fordham The Guardian "Meier should be praised for making an accessible record from his fascination with remote regions..." Tom Barlow Jazzwise Magazine


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