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MOZART, Alexander Janiczek, Scottish Chamber Orchestra

Mozart Serenades - Colloredo Serenade K.203 & Divertimento K.251

  • SCO / Janiczek - Mozart Serenades
  • 01. Serenade in D (2:54)
  • 02. Serenade KV203: Andante maestoso (5:55)
  • 03. (Andante) (6:23)
  • 04. Minuet & Trio (2:49)
  • 05. (Allegro) (4:56)
  • 06. Minuet & Trio (3:31)
  • 07. (Andante) (5:31)
  • 08. Minuet & Trio (4:16)
  • 09. Prestissimo (4:37)
  • 10. Divertimento KV251: Allegro molto (4:27)
  • 11. Minuet & Trio (4:06)
  • 12. Andantino (3:50)
  • 13. Minuetto: Tema con Variazioni (4:11)
  • 14. Rondo: Allegro assai (5:06)
  • 15. Marcia alla Francese (1:33)
  • Alexander Janiczek - violin and conductor
  • Scottish Chamber Orchestra
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Nr kat.: BKD320
Label  : Linn Records

Aleksander Janiczek - niezwykle entuzjastycznie oklaskiwany we wszystkich prestiżowych salach koncertowych Europy, wirtuoz i dyrygent, z pochodzenia Polak, któremu Bank Austrii powierzył wspaniały egzemplarz Stradivariusa z 1716 roku - kontynuuje cykl nagrań mozartowskich Scottish Chamber Orchestra. Świeża, zachwycająca melodyjnością i szalenie uwodzicielska - ta muzyka została już zauważona przez brytyjską prasę. "The SCO's playing is as refined and elegant as these wonderful works themselves." The Observer (on Mozart Serenades Vol. 1) The Scottish Chamber Orchestra continues their hugely successful series of Mozart recordings, following on from Mozart Symphonies 38-41. Austrian-born violinist Alexander Janiczek directs the Orchestra in a fine performance of the rarely recorded Colloredo Serenade and Divertimento K.251. • The Colloredo Serenade, written for Hieronymous, Count von Colloredo, who was elected Prince-Archbishop of Salzburg in 1772, shows the eighteen-year-old Mozart writing in an easy, informal style, but showing great originality. • The Divertimento K.251, in the same key as the Serenade and similarly designed for summer entertainment, is full of spirited, catchy themes and dance music. It contains some delightful surprises! • The Orchestra uses a stylish combination of modern instruments (except for natural trumpets), and period influences such as selective vibrato that results in clear textures and an exciting, entertaining performance in the natural acoustic of Greyfriars Kirk, Edinburgh. • Salzburg-born director and prize-winning violinist Alexander Janiczek is the perfect choice to direct the music of his fellow Austrian. He directs from his 1716 Stradivarius delivering a superb performance from the SCO with whom he has a close relationship, having led the Orchestra from 1999-2002. • The Orchestra has a large international fan base following recent performances in Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, the USA, Portugal and The Netherlands. • The SCO’s previous Mozart albums have been critically acclaimed; “Mozart Symphonies 38-41” was named Sunday Times Classical CD of the Week and BBC Music Magazine Orchestral Disc of the Month, while “Mozart Serenades” and “Mozart Wind Concertos” each consistently received five star reviews.