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MOZART, Ezio Pinza, Bidu Sayao

Don Giovanni

  • Ezio Pinza - bass
  • Bidu Sayao - soprano

Produkt w tej chwili niedostępny.

Pinza as Don Giovanni provides the voice and personality seasoned opera lovers associate with the title role. And for those who recall this opera in the performances of the 1940s, Baccaloni, buoyant with his chubby grace and extravagant complaints, completes the memory. But the surprise of this broadcast is Zinka Milanov’s intensely dramatic Donna Anna; she alone makes the performance worth hearing, yet the cast also boasts Sayão and Novotna. The broadcast recording, practically unknown, is in good sound overall but suffers from particular defects which have long prevented its release. With much work Guild has achieved a solution to these problems which allows music lovers to enjoy this rare and savourable operatic treat. Includes articles on the singers and performances, biographies and rare pictorials.GHCD 2236/37