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MONTEVERDI, Boston Baroque, Martin Pearlman

Il ritorno d’Ulisse in patria

Il ritorno d’Ulisse in patria image
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Il ritorno d’Ulisse in patria Disc 1 1. Prologue 2. Act I, Scene 1: Di misera regina 3. Act I, Scene 2: Duri e penosi 4. Act I, Scene 4: Sinfonia (the sleeping Ulisse carried on shore) 5. Act I, Scene 5: Superbo è l’huom 6. Act I, Scene 6: In questo basso mondo 7. Act I, Scene 7: Dormo ancora 8. Act I, Scene 8: Cara e lieta gioventù 9. Act I, Scene 9: Tu d’Aretusa al fonte 10. Act I, Scene 10: Donata un giorno 11. Act I, Scene 11: Oh come mal si salva 12. Act I, Scene 12: Pastor d’armenti può 13. Act I, Scene 13: Ulisse generoso! Disc 2 1. Act II, Scene 1: Lieto cammino 2. Act II, Scene 2: O gran figlio d’Ulisse 3. Act II, Scene 3: Che veggio, ohimè, che miro? 4. Act II, Scene 4: Eurimaco, la donna e insomma 5. Act II, Scene 5: Sono l’altre regine 6. Act II, Scene 7: Apportator d’alte novelle 7. Act II, Scene 8: Compagni, udiste 8. Act II, Scene 9: Perir non può 9. Act II, Scene 10: Io vidi, o pellegrin 10. Act II, Act II, Scene 11: Del mio lungo viaggio 11. Act II, Scene 12: Sempre villano Eumete 12. Act II, Scene 12: Tu vincitor 13. Act II, Scene 12: Ecco l’arco d’Ulisse Disc 3 1. Act III, Scene 1: O dolor, o martir 2. Act III, Scene 3: E quai nuovi rumori 3. Act III, Scene 4: Forza d’occulto affetto 4. Act III, Scene 5: È saggio Eumete 5. Act III, Scene 6: Fiamma è l’ira, o gran Dea 6. Act III, Scene 7: Gran Giove 7. Act III, Scene 8: Ericlea, che vuoi far 8. Act III, Scene 9: Ogni nostra ragion 9. Act III, Scene 10: O delle mie fatiche
  • Boston Baroque - orchestra
  • Martin Pearlman - conductor
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Nr kat.: CKD451
Label  : Linn Records

‘The singing throughout was excellent…Kudos to Boston Baroque for attempting this and largely bringing it off.’ Boston Globe ‘The Boston Baroque players achieve superb clarity of texture, performing with exceptional technical adroitness.’ Opera News • Il ritorno d’Ulisse is unquestionably one of the three pillars that place Monteverdi among the greatest of opera composers; this recording marks the premiere of a new performing version by Martin Pearlman. • Portuguese tenor and baroque specialist Fernando Guimarães stars in the title role, alongside the internationally renowned mezzo-soprano Jennifer Rivera as his loving wife Penelope. • Il ritorno d’Ulisse was a relatively recent discovery, but following its authentication in the 1950s and revivals in Vienna and Glyndebourne, the opera has enjoyed new found popularity. • Martin Pearlman’s new performing version benefits from the same attention to detail that has ensured his reputation as a leading champion of period performance. His highly considered approach to all aspects of the score and performance ensure this version is true to Monteverdi’s original vision. • With a libretto drawing from Homer’s Odyssey, Il ritorno d’Ulisse is a riveting human drama with an enviable cast including: Abigail Nims (Melanto), Daniel Auchincloss (Eumaeus), Sonja DuToit Tengblad (Juno), Ulysses Thomas (Antinous), and Marc Molomot (Irus). *** • Founded in 1973 by Martin Pearlman, Boston Baroque is already familiar to an international audience with its critically acclaimed catalogue of recordings. • The three-time Grammy-nominated ensemble is widely regarded as ‘one of the world’s premier period-instruments bands’ (Fanfare). • Boston Baroque's recordings - of which Fanfare magazine wrote ‘each one is an incomparable gem’ - are heard by millions on classical radio stations in North America and Europe. • Boston Baroque's many career milestones include the American premiere of Rameau's Zoroastre; a Mozart opera series, and the American period-instrument premieres of Mozart's Don Giovanni and The Magic Flute; and a revelatory exploration of the Beethoven symphonies on period instruments.


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