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Mike Oldfield


Original Album CD1-1 To France 04:43 CD1-2 Poison Arrows 03:53 CD1-3 Crystal Gazing 03:03 CD1-4 Tricks Of The Light 03:53 CD1-5 Discovery 04:34 CD1-6 Talk About Your Life 04:24 CD1-7 Saved By A Bell 04:38 CD1-8 The Lake (Instrumental) 12:14 Bonus Tracks CD1-9 To France (Extended Version) 05:34 CD1-10 In The Pool 03:42 CD1-11 Bones 03:21 CD1-12 Afghan 02:42 CD1-13 Tricks Of The Light (Instrumental) 03:55 The 1984 Suite CD2-1 To France 04:48 CD2-2 The Lake 13:43 CD2-3 The Killing Fields 02:44 CD2-4 Étude 04:38 CD2-5 The Royal Mile 03:37 CD2-6 Zombies 03:45 CD2-7 Discovery 04:28 The 1984 Suite DVD-1 To France 04:47 DVD-2 The Lake 13:43 DVD-3 The Killing Fields 02:44 DVD-4 Étude 04:37 DVD-5 The Royal Mile 03:36 DVD-6 Zombies 03:45 DVD-7 Discovery 04:30 Music Videos DVD-8 To France 04:28 DVD-9 Étude 03:22 DVD-10 Tricks Of The Light 03:54
  • Mike Oldfield

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AllMusic Review by Mike DeGagne With 1984's Discovery, Mike Oldfield seems to be back on track, utilizing the vocal power of Maggie Reilly and the drum playing of Simon Phillips to create some rather appealing selections. "The Lake" is a simply gorgeous instrumental inspired by Switzerland's Lake Geneva, the location in which the album was recorded, while "To France" is a powerful pop/rock tune based on the life of Mary, Queen of Scots. Both Reilly and Barry Palmer share the vocal duties throughout the tracks, signifying Oldfield's subtle emergence into a more pop-infused atmosphere. "Tricks of the Light" is a wonderful instrumental that relies on the keyboard to give it energy, while even so-so efforts like the title track and "Poison Arrows" come off as upbeat and inspired. Discovery peaked at number 15 in the U.K., and even though it didn't garner much attention elsewhere, it serves as one of Mike Oldfield's most entertaining releases from the decade. Mike Oldfield - w naszej ofercie


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