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Mighty Sam McClain

Soul Survivor

  • 1. Too Proud (Carter) - 4:33
  • 2. Can You Stand the Test of Love (McClain) - 4:59
  • 3. Who Made You Cry? (Barry/McClain) - 5:47
  • 4. New Man in Town (McClain) - 5:39
  • 5. What You Want Me to Do? (McClain) - 4:47
  • 6. Where You Been So Long? (Barry/McClain) - 5:55
  • 7. Honey Chile (McClain/Platt) - 4:44
  • 8. Here I Go Falling in Love Again (Barry/McClain) - 4:54
  • 9. Lord Will Make a Way (Green) - 4:45
  • 10. Hanging on the Cross (Katz/McClain) - 5:44
  • 11. I'm Gonna Love You (Katz/McClain) - 4:12
  • 12. When the Hurt Is Over (McClain) - 8:02
  • 13. Give It up to Love (Barry/Entress/McClain) - 4:25
  • Mighty Sam McClain - vocals, guitar
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Nr kat.: AQ1053
Label  : AudioQuest Music

Mighty Sam McClain is a true Soul Survivor but more than that he is one of the few who can bridge the vocal power of the best soul and gospel with the music power born of the blues. Not a slick singer playing over a flat groove, McClain sings his heart out with the band as an integral part of the performance. The vocal are a sweet gritty rumble over dynamic music that roars and soars with lush organs and stinging guitars. Players step up to solo and that brings Sam's music to a Sweet Spot between the blues and R&B that is all too rare to find. The band is a solid group of musicians who work together as a unit driving the songs with beyond a groove. Bruce Katz leads on b-3 organ & piano with equal support from guitarist Kevin Barry. A solid rhythm section and a funky horn section fill out the sound. Sam McClain has history. He left home at 13 and had his first hit in the sixties. Then he floundered until he was living on the streets until he rebuilt his life and career in the eighties. Now in the nineties his song "New Man in Town" has become the theme song for a main character on a hit TV show "Allie McBeal". At some point in time after the sixties, soul and R&B music locked itself down. They restricted themselves to a formula and tied the band down to a set groove. At the same time rock music was allowing the band members to solo and the band to add dynamics to the song. The music industry fractured and music suffered. What was lost was the interplay between soloists and the singer. The give and take that is the essence of blues performances. McClain, the band, and producer Joe Harley understands this and they play it from the heart. These songs don't sound programmed but felt. But don't assume that you sacrifice quality, this is a great band and the performances are tight. The songs on this album are from 92 to 97 and includes "New Man in Town". It starts with Carlene Carter's "Too Proud" with a lush organ & stinging guitar work. The rest are originals, ranging from "Where You Been So Long" with its funky back beat to the hot new release "Honey Child". Then there is the Keb Mo sounding "Here I go Falling in Love Again" with its r&b acoustic guitar - the singer songwriter with soul. The album builds through the dramatic rocking gospel number "Hanging on the Cross" and the swinging "I'm Gonna Love You". The songs may hit a groove but they are trapped there. The dynamics don't stop - the songs build in vocal intensity until they burst from his soul like "Lord Will Make a Way". And then there is "When the Hurt is Over" which starts with guitar then vocals then the piano comes crashing in and the song boils up into a blues storm. This is soul. This is living from the heart. Listen to this album and feel it. Sam McClain - w naszej ofercie


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