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Michael Hedges

Aerial Boundaries

Aerial Boundaries image
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Side One: 1. Aerial Boundaries >>> MP3 <<< 2. Bensusan >>> MP3 <<< 3. Rickover's Dream >>> MP3 <<< 4. Ragamuffin >>> MP3 <<< 5. After The Gold Rush >>> MP3 <<< Side Two: 1. Hot Type 2. Spare Change 3. Menage a Trois 4. The Magic Farmer Płyta CD: Michael Hedges - Aerial Boundaries 01. Aerial Boundaries (4:43) 02. Bensusan (2:32) 03. Rickover's Dream (4:50) 04. Ragamuffin (3:15) 05. After the Gold Rush (4:12) 06. Hot Type (1:34) 07. Spare Change (5:47) 08. Ménage á Trois (7:09) 09. The Magic Farmer (4:02)
  • Michael Hedges - guitar

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A classic is back again and better than ever! The Sonics are Phenomenal! Numbered, Limited Edition 180g Pure Virgin Vinyl! The Acoustic Guitar Reinvented...a Musical Flight of Fancy! "This is one of the best sounding LPs ever recorded. You need to own this LP!" -Bob Bantz/President Elusive Disc, Inc Aerial Boundaries is unquestionably one of the most groundbreaking albums in acoustic guitar history. This recording introduced Michael Hedges to the world as the ultimate acoustic guitar visionary, stretching the limits of the instrument to accommodate his exceptional musical ideas. There are moments on the record where it seems impossible that so much music is coming from one man and his guitar. Rich in classical harmony and master of fast finger techniques, Hedges' tracks feature layers of musical complexity and every performance expands the dynamic range of the instrument. "This Michael Hedges album shook up the guitar playing world in 1984 the way Leo Kottke's 6 and 12 String Guitars had in 1969... Kevin Gray remastered this time for Audio Fidelity, which issued it in an attractive gatefold package. And again, this latest edition blows the doors off the previous two [Original & Grundman mastered versions] in every imaginable way... If you don't have a copy of this, it's worth getting, musically and sonically. And if you have an original, you will be surprised by how much better this reissue sounds compared to the original." - Michael Fremer, www.analogplanet.com, 9/11 Music, 9/11 Sound! The songs on Aerial Boundaries are all beautiful and haunting and it is this emphasis on composition over technique that makes this such an important recording. Stirring, complex compositions like "Rickover's Dream," "Spare Change," and an ingenious instrumental take of Neil Young's "After The Gold Rush" are on full display. He could be seductively quiet and suddenly explosive... slow or fast, timid or thunderous. "There was simply no one like him," Bonnie Raitt said of Michael Hedges following his untimely death in 1997, "a very gifted performer, arranger and composer whose music sounded like nothing that had come before it." Aerial Boundaries remains Hedges' seminal work, and its innovations in technique, tuning, tone, and intensity combined to produce music of untarnished beauty. "This is the finest album from Michael Hedges, the man who is responsible for the greatest revolution in solo acoustic guitar playing since Leo Kottke...Aerial Boundaries is simply one of the finest acoustic guitar albums ever made, and deserves a place in the library of all serious music fans." -Daniel Gioffre, allmusic.com "Steeped both in classical harmony and the fingerstyle guitar tradition of Leo Kottke, Martin Carthy, and John Renbourn, Boundaries remains the late composer-guitarist's seminal work, and its innovations in technique, tuning, tone, and intensity remain key texts in modern acoustic circles." -James Rotondi, amazon.com "Just as Jimi Hendrix revolutionized the electric guitar via his broad imagination and bold execution, Michael Hedges had a similar impact on acoustic guitarists with his ground-breaking technique, changing how the acoustic guitar is played and perceived by many." -Guy Little, Acoustic Magazine


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