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Encores Vol. 2

Side A: Fibich 1. Poeme Ponce 2. Estrellita Drdla 3. Souvenir Fiocco 4. Allegro Schubert 5. The Bee Albeniz 6. Tango Heuberger 7. Midnight Bells Side B: Mendelssohn 1. On Wings of Song Drigo 2. Valse Bluette Elgar 3. La Capricieuse Gardner 4. From The Canebrake Traditional 5. Deep River Debussy 6. Minstrels
  • Alfredo Campoli - violin

Produkt w tej chwili niedostępny.

"A succession of encore pieces, all played with the utmost enchantment; and with the three more sentimental show-stoppers isolated on side one - so that we have no need to break the mood unless we wish. In search of more athletic achievement, we can turn over; here I think perhaps the Albeniz Tango might have been a little less athletic, a little more sentimental (and how on earth does it take two people to arrange the Fiocco piece? - the credit reads almost like one of those committees that write the not-so-good pop songs). But the search for athleticism is rewarded so fully in The Bee, and for sentiment so fully in the Fibich, Ponce, and Drdla: this is indubitably how to play encores. And, bar a surely unnecessary tape-join in the Fibich, how to record them – a winning sound; and a sensible disposition of the whole on a medium-play. (for Vol.1) "He combines a knowledge of such pieces with a matured classical technique as does no other violinist I can think of, and he plays the music with sympathy and affection and immense skill. The Drdla sounds quite ravishingly beautiful... and the recording is very good indeed. (for Vol..2)" - Gramophone


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