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Warheads On Foreheads

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Rattlehead (Killing Is My Business...) Mechanix (Killing Is My Business...) Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good! (Killing Is My Business...) The Conjuring (Peace Sells..But Who's Buying?) Wake Up Dead (Peace Sells..But Who's Buying?) Devils Island (Peace Sells..But Who's Buying?) Good Mourning / Black Friday (Peace Sells..But Who's Buying?) Set The World Afire (So Far, So Good...So What!) In My Darkest Hour (So Far, So Good...So What!) Holy Wars...The Punishment Due (Rust In Peace) Hangar 18 (Rust In Peace) Tornado Of Souls (Rust In Peace) Rust In Peace...Polaris (Rust In Peace) Five Magics (Rust In Peace) Take No Prisoners (Rust In Peace) Skin O' My Teeth (Countdown To Extinction) Angry Again (Last Action Hero _ Soundtrack) Symphony Of Destruction (Countdown To Extinction) Sweating Bullets (Countdown To Extinction) A Tout Le Monde (Youthanasia) Train Of Consequences (Youthanasia) Reckoning Day (Youthanasia) Trust (Cryptic Writings) She-Wolf (Cryptic Writings) Wanderlust (Risk) Dread and the Fugitive Mind (The World Needs A Hero) Blackmail The Universe (The System Has Failed) Washington Is Next! (United Abominations) Head Crusher (Endgame) Public Enemy No. 1 (Th1rt3en) Kingmaker (Super Collider) The Threat Is Real (Dystopia) Poisonous Shadows (Dystopia) Death From Within (Dystopia) Dystopia (Dystopia)
  • Megadeth - group
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Nr kat.: UICY15809
Label  : UNIVERSAL (Japan)

WARHEADS ON FOREHEADS Greatest Hits album is OUT NOW! Featuring 35 remastered tracks hand-selected by Dave Mustaine. Tekst alternatywny
Płyty SHM-CD do odtworzenia we wszystkich typach czytników CD oraz DVD. Gwarantują niespotykaną wcześniej analogową jakość brzmienia, odwzorowują wszystkie walory taśmy-matki. Zdaniem specjalistów - ten nośnik i ta technologia najlepiej - bo natywnie, przenosi na krążek CD wszystkie walory nagrania analogowego. 2018 marks the 35th anniversary for Megadeth, one of the most influential powerhouses in thrash metal history. All year long the band have been celebrating this occasion with various merch store events and now Dave Mustaine has personally A&R'd the 35 tracks for 35 years 3CD, Digital and 4LP track listings for a new anthology honoring his legacy. The last anthology/hits collection was released in 2008, which brings first time albums selections onto an anthology for The System Has Failed, United Abominations, Endgame, Th1rt3en, Super Collider and the Grammy award winning album Dystopia. "Warheads on foreheads" is a military term expressed when bombing missions are underway.