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Maurice Jarre

Doctor Zhivago

1 Overture 2 Main Title 3 Kontakion/Funeral Song 4 Lara Is Charming 5 The Internationale 6 Lara and Komarovsky Dancing Up a Storm 7 Komarovsky with Lara in the Hotel 8 Interior Student Cafe 9 Sventitsky's Waltz/After the Shooting 10 Military Parade 11 They Began to Go Home 12 After Deserters Killed the Colonel 13 At the Hospital 14 Lara Says Goodbye to Yuri 15 Tonya Greets Yuri 16 Stove's Out 17 Yevgraf Snaps His Fingers 18 Evening Bells/Moscow Station 19 Flags Flying Over the Train 20 Yuri Gazing Through a Tiny Open Hatch 21 The Door Is Banged Open 22 Intermission 23 Yuri Follows the Sound of the Waterfall 24 Tonya and Yuri Arrive at Varykino 25 They Didn't Lock the Cottage 26 Varykino Cottage Winter Snow 27 Yuri and the Daffodils 28 On a Yuriatin Street 29 In Lara's Bedroom 30 Yuri Rides to Yuriatin 31 Yuri Is Taken Prisoner by the Red Partisans 32 For as Long as We Need You 33 Yuri Is Escaping 34 Yuri Approaches Lara's Apartment 35 Yuri Looks into the Mirror 36 Lara and Yuri Arriving at Varykino 37 Yuri Is Trying to Write 38 Yuri Frightens the Wolves Away 39 Lara Reads Her Poem 40 Yuri Frightens the Wolves Away 41 Yuri Works On 42 Then It's a Gift 43 Lara's Theme 44 Lara's Theme 45 Lara's Theme
  • Maurice Jarre - composer, conductor
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Nr kat.: 81227195724
Label  : Warner Music

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