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Maroa - Asimetrix (Dorian DIS-80118) 01. Dia Claro (Alejandro Rodriguez) (4:31) 02. Cacao (Gonzalo Grau) (5:57) 03. Popes (Alejandro Rodriguez) (2:39) 04. Ritmica 6 (Alejandro Rodriguez) (4:00) 05. Bambu Se Fue A La Guerra (Alejandro Rodriguez) (3:59) 06. Palmers (Alejandro Rodriguez) (4:38) 07. Santa Fe (Alejandro Rodriguez) (5:00) 08. Guasa En El Charquero (Alonso Toro) (5:27) 09. Bandeja De Plata (Alejandro Rodriguez) (5:58) 10. La Soledad (Paul Desenne) (3:10) 11. Mondongo (Alejandro Rodriguez) (4:01) 12. Tuqueques (Alejandro Rodriguez) (4:13) 13. Frontera (Alejandro Rodriguez) (4:53)
  • Maroa
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Nr kat.: DIS80118
Label  : DORIAN (USA)

muzyka jazzowa inspirowana rytmami Wenezueli

At a time when, because of various technological developments, the interaction between cultures is so intense, "Maroa" establishes a coherant and very personal musical language within the diversity of cultures that coexist in Latin America. To describe the music of Maroa, the term "multiculturalism" would probably be the most appropriate. The historic conditions that give rise to multiculturism are hardly a new thing; let's not forget that the great civilisations of the past, like the Romans, were experts at absorbing and integrating the cultures and religions of the different civilizations that they conquered, mixing them with their own experience and developing a synthesis that produced very specific artistic manifestations. The history of the Caribbean reflects a comparable process: the blending of dissimilar cultures thrown together by historic circumstance - it's a story that has been repeated over and over again. - Luis Manuel Guzman