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Mark Knopfler

Local Hero

Mark Knopfler - Local Hero (Soundtrack) 01. The Rocks and the Water (3:31) 02. Wild Theme (3:39) 03. Freeway Flyer (1:49) 04. Boomtown (4:12) 05. The Way It Always Starts (4:06) 06. The Rocks and the Thunder (0:44) 07. The Ceilidh and the Northern Lights (3:52) 08. The Mist Covered Mountains (5:05) 09. The Ceilidh: Louis' Favourite Billy's Tune (3:41) 10. Whistle Theme (0:53) 11. Smooching (5:04) 12. Stargazer (1:35) 13. The Rocks and the Thunder II (0:42) 14. Going Home (Theme Of the Local Hero) (4:59)
  • Mark Knopfler - vocals, guitar
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Three years removed from crafting Dire Straits' third album, Making Movies, band leader Mark Knopfler elected to adhere to the record's title and try his hand at doing just that in an aural way. Written and performed to accompany the film Local Hero, the iconic guitarist's first soundtrack continues to serve as one of the decade's most prized scores. No wonder the BAFTA Award-nominated work has long eclipsed the Bill Forsyth film in stature, merit, and popularity – and emerged as the basis of a stage musical that debuted in Scotland in 2019.


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