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Maria Bethania

As Cancoes que voce fez pra mim

  • Maria Bethania - As Cancoes que voce fez pra mim
  • 01. As Cancoes que voce fez pra Mim (3:45)
  • 02. Olha (3:41)
  • 03. Fera Ferida (3:29)
  • 04. Palavras (4:36)
  • 05. Costumes (2:51)
  • 06. Detalhes (5:06)
  • 07. Voce nao Sabe (3:09)
  • 08. Eu Preciso De Voce (4:10)
  • 09. Seu Corpo (4:03)
  • 10. Voce (3:00)
  • 11. Emocoes (4:15)
  • Maria Bethania - vocal
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Nr kat.: 5187872
Label  : Verve

As Canções Que Voce Fez Pra Mim Review by Alvaro Neder At first, this seems like an implausible meeting. Maria Bethânia, sister of Caetano Veloso, member of the iconoclast movement Tropicália since its inception, dedicated this album to the duo of songwriters Roberto Carlos/Erasmo Carlos, long since associated with a heavily romantic repertoire that makes the delights of their middle-aged feminine fan base. But, in fact, the songs by Roberto and Erasmo are quite poetic and well resolved in formal terms. If Roberto (and others) decided to profit on their jewels through condescending arrangements/renditions, it can't be assumed that their material isn't worth it, and Bethânia shows why. Deeply romantic, yes -- but extremely tasteful. The album sold 1.5 million copies.