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Maria Ana Bobone

Senhora da Lapa

  • Maria Ana Bobone - vocal
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Nr kat.: M046
Label  : MaRecordings

>>> Większa okładka A <<< MA Recordings is once again, proud to be one of the few labels involved in presenting what we believe to be some of the most elegant and provocative music in the world. In this spirit, we annouce the debut as a lead solo artist of Portuguese vocalist Maria Ana Bobone. Maria Ana Bobone is truly one of Portugal's up and coming singers of note. At an early age, she began singing in church choirs, later developing her talent to the point that she was asked to perform as soloist as well. In her late teens, Maria Ana developed an interest in the traditional song of Lisbon, Fado, also considered by some to be the national song form of Portugal. More recently, Maria Ana, now 23, has been expanding her vocal horizons beyond Portuguese church music and Fado, and reveals the results on her debut as a solo recording artist, "Senhora da Lapa" MA Recordings fans may remember that Maria Ana sang on "Luz Destino" (M039A), a somewhat revolutionary album which presented Fado in a way never before heard: baroque style. This album gained immediate recognition in Portugal, having been among the 4 albums nominated in 1996 for the prestigious, national Globus Oro Award. As for the music on the "Senhora da Lapa", almost half of it was composed by pianist Joao Paulo Esteves da Silva, a musician who is definitely one of the most complete and accomplished artists now in Portugal. He plays piano on all tracks (on Luz Destino, he played Harpsichord exclusively). Besides Joao Paulo's music, there are 9) Elegia and 10) Flux composed by Portuguese guitarist Ricardo Rocha who also plays his instrument on 5) Os Teus Olhos and 8) ABC. Addionally, there are 1) Meu Amor me deu um Lenco and 7) Jose Embala o Menino, two beautiful traditional songs, and 6) Espelho Quebrado, the only fado on the record. On this fado and 2 other songs: 2) Ternura and 8) Hortela Mourisca, plays saxophonist extraordinaire Peter Epstein. (For those interested in hearing other recordings by Joao Paulo and Peter, please check out Joao Paulo's "O Exilio" M045A a beautiful collection of Joao Paulo's originals recorded inside the Saint George British Anglican Church in Lisboa. On this recording, along with Joao Paulo and Peter, also plays Portugal's most well known bassist, Carlos Bica.) Like "Luz Destino", "Senhora da Lapa" was recorded in one of Lisbon's most amazing and beautiful grand Gothic Cathedrals. Catholic Church authorities requested that the location not be revealed and hence is not specified on the cover or liner notes. MA is the only recording company to ever use this historical Cathedral for any recording projects! "Senhora da Lapa" is a truely elegant collaboration between Maria Ana Bobone, Joao Paulo Esteves da Silva, Ricardo and special guest, Peter Epstein. The recording was completed over a period of 14 months and at both sessions, the title track, "Senhora da Lapa" was performed. Because Maria Ana and producer Todd Garfinkle liked both versions, both were included in the final presentation of the album.


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