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Maratone Quintet

Finding The Way

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Maratone Quintet - Finding The Way 01. Avena (5:38) 02. Bonfire (5:49) 03. New Beat (6:00) 04. True Meaning (5:47) 05. Finding The Way (6:03) 06. Wheels For Ken (5:38) 07. Undercurrent (6:18) 08. Sleepless (7:35)
  • Maratone Quintet - group
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Nr kat.: PCD128
Label  : Proprius (Szwecja)

Finding the Way, a new expressive album release by the Maratone Quintet The new album by the younger generation jazz band, the Maratone Quintet, represents the present sound of Scandinavian jazz at its best. The members of the band include trumpeter, Martti Vesala, guitarist, Markus Tiiro, pianist, Petri Rahikkala, bassist, Mikko Pellinen, and drummer, Juho Peltoniemi. The album, which will be released on 24.9.12, through the Prophone jazz record label, is a follow up to the group's previous album, Setting Out, which was released in 2008. The long-time simmering album, comprising the sole compositions of the musicians in the Maratone Quintet, was recorded at the Kallio-Kuninkala studio in Järvenpää in June 2011. The disc was mixed by Hannu Lamminmäki during March 2012 and further mastered by Svante Forsbäck at Chartmakers at the end of spring 2012. The group are highly satisfied with the final results, the characteristic energy and voltage of their live performances has also been transferred successfully onto the recording. Influences for the recording have been sought from a number of artists who are greatly appreciated by the quintet, including among others, Dave Douglas and the Esbjörn Svensson Trio. A special feature of the Maratone Quintet, comprising a frontline formed out of the trumpet and guitar, also creates a unique and personal touch for the band. A large number of different techniques have been used in the instrumentation of the diverse album. An example of these techniques are different mutes for the trumpet, arco and pizzicato techniques for the bass, various percussion instruments, as well as the prepared piano that is used on the album’s final track, Sleepless. Both the band’s tones and the musicians’ unique solo power of expression have developed further from the previous released album, as a result of gigging events. All of the group members have also matured as composers, whilst additional nuances have been brought to the jamming. ´The listening to inspirational music and its further analysis functions as a spark for our compositions. I try to mirror my own sound over an inspirational model', says trumpeter, Martti Vesala, explaining the composition of the tracks to be found on the album. Martti Vesala – trumpet & flugelhorn Markus Tiiro – acoustic & electric guitar Petri Rahikkala – piano Mikko Pellinen – double bass Juho Peltoniemi – drums & percussion