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MANCINI, Sarah Vaughan

Sarah Vaughan Sings the Mancini Songbook

Sarah Vaughan - Sarah Vaughan Sings the Mancini Songbook 01. How Soon (2:46) 02. Days of Wine and Roses (2:40) 03. Dear Heart (2:56) 04. Charade (2:52) 05. Too Little Time (3:50) 06. Dreamsville (3:53) 07. Peter Gunn (1:53) 08. Moon River (2:52) 09. (I Love You and) Don't You Forget It (2:32) 10. Slow Hot Wind (3:39) 11. Mr. Lucky (2:30) 12. It Had Better Be Tonight (1:44)
  • Sarah Vaughan - vocal
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Nr kat.: UCCM3073
Label  : UNIVERSAL (Japan)

4.0 out of 5 starsI'm in Dreamsville...........too! By robert oneil on November 4, 2001 What a fantastic marriage of musical talents ! How perfect could a collaboration be???? This is really outstanding Sarah on an even higher plane. That Mancini material is all just soooooo delicious and Sarah knows just what to do to make it all so steamy, luscious, whimsical and serenely beautiful. Sarah makes every song lyric important and true......which, is why she could continue forever. From the earliest recordings to her last; she did more than just display the most gorgeous voice in jazz history.....she made every song lyric come alive with personal meaning. I am also a huge fan of Henry Mancini. Naturally, I have a lot to be thankful for ! You will too, when you listen to this wonderful recording. Some of the recordings sound a little muffled and not nearly as crisp as a recording of today's technology. That hasn't stopped me from enjoying it, immensely. You will be astounded, too !