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MAHLER, Andrew Litton, Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Mahler Chamber Orchestra

Symphony No. 5 - Recorded Live in Concert

  • Symphony No. 5
  • 01. I Part 1 - Trauermarsch (12:43)
  • 02. II Part 1 - Sturmisch bewegt mit grofster Vehemenz (14:50)
  • 03. I Part 2 - Scherzo, Kraftig nicht zu schnell (18:31)
  • 04. II Part 2 - Adagietto Seht langsam (9:59)
  • 05. III Part 2 - Rondo-Finale Allegro (14:58)
  • Andrew Litton - conductor
  • Dallas Symphony Orchestra - orchestra
  • Mahler Chamber Orchestra - orchestra
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Nr kat.: DOR90193
Label  : DORIAN (USA)

20BIT Recording

Widely scoffed at in his own day, Gustav Mahler (1860-1911) remained firmly covinced of his own genius. During his lifetime, Mahler was acclaimed as a great conductor; performances of his symphonies, however, met with mixed receptions. Critics complained about harsh dissonances, excessive orchestration, and confusing shifts of mood. After his death, the suport for his music was sporadic at best. Though giving him only qualified status as an important historical figure, Aaron Copland, in Our New Music (1941), sensed something extaordinarily touching about Mahler's work. … Not until the 1960s, however, was the magnitude of Mahler's achievement definitely recognized. - J. Knighten Smit


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