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Lyn Stanley, Mike Garson

The Moonlight Session vol. 2

1. Makin' Whoopee 2. The Very Thought of You 3. That Old Feeling 4. Summer Knows 5. Over the Rainbow 6. How Deep Is the Ocean? 7. Angel Eyes 8. At Seventeen 9. You've Changed 10. Smile 11. Love Me or Leave Me 12. How Insensitive 13. Since I Fell For You 14. I'll Be Seeing You
  • Lyn Stanley - vocal
  • Mike Garson - piano

Produkt w tej chwili niedostępny.

Świat oszalał... Każde nagranie Lyn Stanley wzbudza za Oceanem najwyższą ekscytację. Do tego - strona realizacyjna, soniczna wszystkich sesji... Świat oszalał... Lyn Stanley - w naszej ofercie Upon hearing the Test Pressings for Volume Two, renowned mastering engineer Bernie Grundman said that they were "The Best I Have Ever Heard!" This item not eligible for any further discount offers! The Moonlight Sessions has a total of 26 song divided into two albums (Volume One has 12 tracks and Volume Two has 14 tracks). Supported by the best jazz musicians in the business--Mike Garson, Tamir Hendelman and Christian Jacob take the listener on a journey that combines classical music with jazz standards plus some POP tunes with new approaches-including Willie Nelson's "Crazy, "Why Don't You Do Right?," "Over the Rainbow," and "At Seventeen." You will hear Chopin, Ravel, Beethoven, Debussy and Mozart references to breathe a new excitement into a few jazz standards like you've never heard them before! Critics are raving about this project and the #1 Jazz radio station in the USA, KKjz proclaims Lyn to be one of the "most outstanding" vocalists in jazz, calling the project "Brilliant!" "Hot on the heels of her late-spring release of the well-reviewed The Moonlight Sessions, Volume One, Southern California songstress Lyn Stanley issues her fifth recording, The Moonlight Sessions, Volume Two. The award-winning, internationally acclaimed jazz vocalist once again demonstrates her gift for mining classic material and making it her own. Stanley takes listeners on a delightful sonic journey, from her unique takes on familiar tunes including “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and “The Very Thought of You” to her sensitive approach to too-seldom heard gems like “That Old Feeling” and “Smile.” Stanley ventures beyond the Great American Songbook to turn her tasteful eye—and voice!—to popular songs from the mid-’70s such as “At Seventeen” and “The Summer Knows” (from the film The Summer of ’42)." "Highlights from The Moonlight Sessions, Volume Two include: “How Deep is the Ocean”: Stanley shows off her range on this tune, which opens with a tender vocal-piano duet before giving way to a cool, “All Blues”-flavored swinger with some very tasty trombone from Bob McChesney. “I’ll Be Seeing You”: Rich strings and understated guitar combine, with Stanley’s voice floating lusciously on top. “Since I Fell for You”: From the rarely heard verse to the final note, Stanley delivers the lyric with a persuasive ache. Rickey Woodard’s bluesy saxophone offers a brilliant contrast with her velvety voice. “Makin’ Whoopee”: Stanley lives up to her sultry reputation, bringing a leisurely tension to this long-time fave. “At Seventeen”: Check out the bittersweet world-weariness and sophistication of Stanley’s take on Janis Ian’s #1 hit single from 1975." "Joining Stanley on The Moonlight Sessions, Volume Two is a top-flight band of in-demand players, including pianists Mike Garson, Christian Jacob and Tamir Hendelman; bassist Chuck Berghofer; drummers Ray Brinker, Bernie Dresel and Joe LaBarbara; percussionist Luis Conte; guitarist John Chiodini; trumpeter Chuck Findley; saxophonist Rickey Woodard; trombonist Bob McChesney; harmonica wizard Hendrik Meurkens; and harpists Corky Hale and Carol Robins; strings: Budapest SSO. Stellar recording quality makes The Moonlight Sessions, Volume Two an audiophile’s delight, and the creative arrangements will appeal to casual listeners and engage hard-core jazz aficionados. With two entertaining top-quality releases under her belt in 2017 alone, Lyn Stanley’s long-time fans and recent followers will look forward to discovering what fascinating new projects the singer has next on her agenda." She has also added songs to this special project from the country and pop genres and added arrangement twists with jazz applications that modernize them as they delight your ears. On board for The Moonlight Sessions are her stellar cast of musicians. Piano: Mike Garson, Christian Jacob and Tamir Hendelman; Bass: Chuck Berghofer; Drums: Joe La Barbara, Ray Brinker and Bernie Dresel; Jazz Guitar: John Chiodini; Percussion: Luis Conte; Harmonica: Hendrik Meurkens; Harp: Corky Hale, Carol Robins; Trumpet: Chuck Findley; Trombone: Bob McChesney; Tenor Sax: Rickey Woodard are all on board and recorded. This project’s arrangers include, Mike Garson, Christian Jacob, Tamir Hendelman, John Chiodini, Steve Rawlins and Doug Walter. Lyn Stanley is the Executive Producer with Co-Producers Lyn Stanley, Mike Garson and John Chiodini. The recording engineers for this project are Al Schmitt and Steve Genewick. As always, the album is mastered by Bernie Grundman. Tracks were recorded at The Village Recording Studio D in Los Angeles, California in February 2017. "I am re-listening to the Moonlight Sessions Volume Two, and every aspect of the CD is perfection. The choice of songs bring back some of the best standards of all time, some of which have been too long neglected. The mix, the musicians, and the incredible delivery by Lyn Stanley make this CD, in my opinion, one of the best American Songbook recordings of this decade." - Saul Levine, KKJZ (KJazz) "High End 2017: Lyn Stanley amazes with her lacquers! I spoke with Lyn Stanley before the show, she was gentle enough as to tip me about this event, she would be playing lacquers in the EAR Yoshino room with legendary designer Tim de Paravicini. The system consisted of EAR top of the line electronics paired with Rockport speakers and Tim’s turntable with a My Sonic Lab MC cartridge. Lyn and Tim went through the details, explaining how difficult and expensive is to produce a one step vinyl record, omitting several passages (mother copy and stampers) in the pressing chain, thus keeping the sound as close as possible to the master lacquer and the recording itself. Add that to a superb production with nothing but analog equipment used throughout the recording and mastering process and with nothing but the best musicians out there (with names such as Mike Garson and Rickey Woodard to name a few) and you have one hell of a record with Lyn singing classics like "My Funny Valentine" and "Crazy."" - Panagiotis Karavitis, Part-Time Audiophile "LYN STANLEY/Moonlight Sessions V.1: This classy lassie has been coming out of nowhere on the run since she...well, first started coming out of nowhere on the run. Upping her game with each successive release, here we find her firmly staking out her territory as the jazz diva of the times by surrounding herself with jazzbos who you would buy their own solo records, a song stack that is familiar but she gives a new swing to and a vocal style you will remember. This is a gal of the hour that will be much more than flavor of the month. Killer stuff throughout." - Chris Spector, midwestrecord.com, Read More! "AXPONA 2017: Lee’s Best of Show: Best Music. Three-way tie. 1. Intervention Records‘ new Flying Burrito Brothers LP. Shane Buettner and Kevin Gray simply don’t know how to do bad work. 2. Lyn Stanley‘s Moonlight Sessions: Volume One. Sounded so natural on the Ultra 11s. Of course, Bernie Grundman was involved on the mastering side and Lyn always has the best musicians and producers. 3. MA Recordings‘ Todd Garfinkle is now pressing LPs of his stellar recordings. Sera Una Noche and several other titles are available so far and we analog fans are richer for it." - Lee Scoggins, Part-Time Audiophile "Lyn, I have seen you evolve from a very good vocalist to now among the most outstanding. I have to select airplay based on the content, not how much I admire the singer. In this case, you are so outstanding that admiration for your efforts makes it easy to provide you to get top billing on the station. The choice of selections and the arrangements plus your singing are marvelous - For all future releases please send to my attention, and have someone verify the CD was sent to me. As one who has the honor of programming the world's No. One Jazz station, I am pleased that we have such great product to perform." - Saul Levine, KKjz, Mt. Wilson Broadcasting "Six years ago, Lyn Stanley was a retired marketing executive wondering if she could pass muster for her church choir. Today, she’s an internationally known jazz vocalist whose award-winning audiophile recordings feature A-list musicians, producers and engineers. While Stanley has carved a niche in the high-end world, her albums go far beyond clinical speaker-testing tools. They practically ooze a lush, emotional atmosphere that only happens on those rare occasions when great players are allowed to stretch out in a relaxed, inspired setting." "Stanley is now working on her next project, a two-album set she’s calling “The Moonlight Sessions.” Being the restless spirit she is, Stanley has carefully devised an ambitious plan to break some new musical ground. “I’m going to combine jazz standards with classical music,” she explained. “For instance, we’re going to do (Antonio Carlos) Jobim’s “How Insensitive” merged with Chopin’s “Prelude in E Minor.” It may be hard to wrap your head around that concept, but a demo I heard from rehearsals sounded sublime." - John Stancavage, Part-Time Audiophile


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