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Lulu Weiss Ensemble

Palatine Summer

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Lulu Weiss - Palatine Summer 01. Ninet (3:28) 02. Dinelli Secunta (4:31) 03. Go Dives Hals du Noch Basch Mande (3:36) 04. J'Attendrais (4:15) 05. Swing Valse Lauterbach (1:54) 06. Syrakus (3:43) 07. Djschiné du Noch Go Ziro (4:20) 08. Valse le Soraie (1:49) 09. Czardas (2:58) 10. Dinah (3:45) 11. Rosa (6:14) 12. Chou Chou (3:08) 13. Manoir de Mes Reves (5:33) 14. Undecided (3:13) 15. Czardas Endo (3:37)
  • Lulu Weiss Ensemble
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Label  : K&K Verlagsanstalt

na audiofilsko brzmiących gitarach gypsy! Django Reinhardt byłby dumny!

Lulu Weiss: „You know, Grimming, I come from a Sinti family with a long musical tradition. Oskar Weiss taught me and my brother, Caruso, the guitar in his music school in Landau. He used to take us to his performances - in the days when they played for a meal and passed the hat around. His way of doing things left a lasting impression and conveyed the delight in playing to us and many other musicians in our family.“ „Gypsy jazz guitarist Lulu Weiss swings like there‘s no tomorrow. The sum is a driving, rollicking sound that is more rootsy and grounded in traditional gypsy music than anything recorded by Django Reinhardt and his famous Hot Club.“ (Vintage Guitar Magazine, USA)


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