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Lowell Graham, National Symphonic Winds

Winds Of War And Peace

Side 1: 1. Liberty Fanfare 2. Commando March 3. Festival Fanfare March 4. Victory as Sea Side 2: 5. El Camino Real 6. A Santa Cecilia 7. Symphonic Dance #3
  • Lowell Graham - conductor
  • National Symphonic Winds - orchestra
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Label  : Acoustic Sounds
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Label  : Acoustic Sounds

On Winds of War and Peace, conductor Lowell Graham takes the National Symphonic Winds ensemble through a program of stirring orchestrations and marches. "Liberty Fanfare" was composed for the centennial celebration of the Statue of Liberty in 1986. The fanfare set the stage for one of the most spectacular celebrations in America's history. Samuel Barber's "Commando March" composed in 1943, represents Barber's first band work. Written in a quadruple meter, this work utilizes the constant contrast of dotted and triplet rhythms. Roger Nixon's "Festival Fanfare March," was recognized for superb composition by the American Bandmasters Association in 1973. It is a work that's technical, bright in color and effervescent in spirit. The album also includes "Victory at Sea," "El Camino Real," "A Santa Cecilla" and "Symphonic Dance No. 3". Graham, a native of Greeley, Colorado, has earned recognition as one of America's most talented young conductors. He graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with both his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees. He was also the first person to be awarded the Doctor of Musical Arts Degree in Orchestral Conducting from the Catholic University of America. Graham has led orchestras and bands on record and in performance throughout the world. He is the current conductor and commander of the United States Air Force Tactical Air Command Band. Analogue Productions uses the original tapes and works with only the best mastering studios. Albums are plated and pressed at the world's best pressing plant on virgin vinyl with unmatched quality, as AP uses meticulous test pressing evaluation and quality control. Analogue uses the highest-quality jackets and rice paper inner sleeves and issues Limited Edition albums, meaning less than 1,000 records per stamper, released in limited quantities.


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