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LISZT, Vittorio Bresciani

Weimar Works

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Scherzo und Marsch, S177/R20: 1. Allegro vivace spiritoso - 7:53 2. Allegro moderato marziale - 4:59 3. Allegro vivace spiritoso - 1:48 4. Stretta - Molto piu animato, quasi presto 1:50 Ballade No. 2, S171/R16: 5. Allegro moderato - Allegretto - Tempo I - Allegretto - 3:59 6. Allegro deciso - Allegretto - 3:54 7. Poco a poco animando - Tempestuoso - Dolce, placido - 4:02 8. Allegro moderato - Un poco piu mosso - Grandioso - Andantino 3:53 9. Grosses Konzertsolo (Grand solo de concert), S176/R18: Allegro energico - Agitato - Grandioso 4:31 Grosses Konzertsolo (Grand solo de concert), S176/R18: 10. Quasi fantasia- Andante sostenuto - 7:26 11. Allegro agitato assai - Piu moderato - Piu mosso - Stretta 3:47 12. Andante quasi marcia funebre - Tempo giusto, moderato - Allegro con bravura 6:29 Annees de pelerinage, 2nd year, Italy, S161/R10b: 13. Andante maestoso - Presto agitato assai - Tempo I - 5:46 14. Andante, quasi improvvisato - Andante - 5:09 15. Allegro moderato - Piu mosso - Tempo rubato e molto ritenuto - 4:27 16. Andante - Allegro - Allegro vivace - Presto 3:39
  • Vittorio Bresciani - piano
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Nr kat.: CDS183
Label  : Dynamic (Italia)

Vittorio Bresciani, a pianist and conductor, is today acknowledged as one of the finest Lisztian performers of recent generations ("... one of the finest Liszt specialists in the country" Amadeus). A pupil of the famous teacher Vincenzo Vitale, he specialized with Michele Campanella, Nikita Magaloff, Carla Giudici and Andrej Jasinsky, while studying Conducting with Donato Renzetti, and Composition with Gino Marinuzzi jr. After winning the 2nd prize at the Franz Liszt International Piano Competition of Parma, he has played at the most prestigious concert venues and festivals in Italy (Teatro alla Scala of Milan, Ravenna Festival, Accademia Nazionale of Santa Cecilia at Rome, Conservatory Great Hall of Milan, International Piano Festival of Brescia & Bergamo, Two Worlds Festival of Spoleto, Festival delle Nazioni of Città di Castello, Sagra Musicale Umbra of Perugia, Teatro Bellini of Catania, Teatro Lirico of Cagliari, Teatro San Carlo of Naples, Arena of Verona, IUC of Rome, Settembre Musica of Turin, Ravello Festival, etc.), throughout all Europe (Kunstfest of Weimar, Ljubljana International Music Festival, Concertgebouw of Amsterdam, Budapest Liszt Festival, Musikhalle of Hamburg, etc.), in the US (Washington Kennedy Center) and Canada, in Russia (Conservatory Great Hall and Tchaikovsky Hall of Moscow, in Ukraine (Kiev Philharmonie) in China (Shenyang International Festival of Music, Beijing Concert Hall), and in many of the leading concert venues of Latin America (including the Teatro Avenida of Buenos Aires). He has also being featured at many of the American Liszt Society Festivals, and has played with great success in the famous Haus Wahnfried in Bayreuth, on a 1876 Steinway Grand which belonged to Wagner himself, and which was frequently played by Liszt. Since 2000 Bresciani has greatly increased his concert activity as a conductor and has often collaborated as pianist-conductor with many of the leading Eastern European orchestras (Moscow Symphony Orchestra, New Russia State Symphony Orchestra, Kiev National Symphony Orchestra, Timisoara Philharmonic Orchestra, Skopje Philharmonic Orchestra, St. Petersburg Radio & TV Symphony Orchestra, etc.) and with several Italian orchestras (Orchestra Filarmonica di Verona, Orchestra Scarlatti di Napoli, Orchestra del Teatro Olimpico di Vicenza, Istituzione Sinfonica Abruzzese, Orchestra Filarmonia Veneta di Treviso, San Remo Symphony Orchestra, etc.). His orchestral repertoire is based on the major Romantic works of Liszt, Wagner and Tchaikovsky. With pianist Francesco Nicolosi he has formed the Franz Liszt Piano Duo, with the aim of promoting Liszt's symphonic works in the two-piano original transcriptions, especially the two monumental symphonies "Faust" and "Dante". The two pianists have been featured with great success at all Italy's major concert venues and at many festivals in Germany, Hungary, the US and Argentina. Recent highlights include the multimedial project after Dante's Divine Comedy, to which he has devoted himself since 2001 simultaneously with his concert activity. After conceiving the project, Bresciani has closely studied the links between Dante's text, Doré's illustrations and Liszt's music, thus creating a word-, sound- and image-score that displays a very personal interpretation of Liszt's Dante-Symphony. The present digital version of DanteXperience is being toured through several of Italy's and European major festivals and concert halls. His many recordings include Liszt's "Faust-Symphonie" in the two-piano version for the Nuova Era label, and a three-CD set based on virtuoso piano works of Liszt for Dynamic: "Schubert Song Transcriptions, Mozart and Rossini Paraphrases, Weimar Works". He has also recorded 10 Studies of C. Czerny's op. 740, as part of the first complete recording of this work for the Musikstrasse label. With pianist Francesco Nicolosi he has recently realized for the Naxos label the first world recording of the "Dante Symphony" for two pianos, in collaboration with the famous Children's Choir of the Hungarian Radio of Budapest. His recordings are distributed in Europe, the United States, Australia, Japan and various other Asian countries. Vittorio Bresciani is professor of Piano at the "F.E. Dall'Abaco" Conservatory of Verona.