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Oh! Cello Goddess

Oh! Cello Goddess image
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Yoko Hasegawa - Oh! Cello Goddess (Kodaly - Sonata for Cello Solo) Sonata for Cello Solo Op.8 - 01. Allegro Maestoso Ma Appasionata (Zoltan Kodaly) (9:47) 02. Adagio (Zoltan Kodaly) (13:01) 03. Allegro Molto Vivace (Zoltan Kodaly) (10:43) 3 Strophes Sur Le Nom De Sacher - 04. Un Poco Indeciso (Henri Dutilleux) (3:52) 05. Andante Sostenuto (Henri Dutilleux) (3:21) 06. Vivace (Henri Dutilleux) (3:09) 07. Sonata for Cello Solo in F Sharp Minor Op.133 (Sergei Prokofiev) (9:00)
  • Yoko Hasegawa - cello
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Nr kat.: K2016
Label  : ABC Int. Records

AAD is a Digital Copy Of
The Master Tape

This album collected unaccompanied opuses with great difficulty. It does not only require the superb skills for the player but also demands the high taste and great patience of the audience. Yoko Hasegawa’s agile and enthusiastic performance showed a great attraction as well as infection. When mentioning unaccompanied cello opus, people will think of Bach’s six cello songs. Just because they were unaccompanied, the breath-taking performance and the changes in the music are combined together perfectly to lead the audience forward. Compared with this opus, the skill of playing Kodaly’s (Hungarian Composer) opuses are much harder. In order to achieve climax, it it requires the cellists’ power, tone and smooth sense of rhythm. The second section touched people a lot. Yoko Hasegawa creates a fantastic sense of rhythm. It is a kind of “endless epilogue”, which can’t explain by music theory. You can find similar effects in Dutilleux and prokoflev’s opuses.


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