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The Robin

  • Kirkmount - Robin, The
  • 01. Robin The - Quick's Reel - Happy Birthday Alex (3:14)
  • 02. Wind in the Heather - Miss Lyle's - Mutt's Favorite (6:43)
  • 03. Traditional Strathspey - Traditional Strathspey - Traditional Reel - Strathbogie Toast The - Mackinnon's Rant (5:20)
  • 04. Mrs. Menzies of Culdare - Welcome Whiskey Back Again - Captain Keeler (3:52)
  • 05. Atholl Highlanders (10:11)
  • 06. Gin Ye Kiss My Wife I'll Tell the Minister - Matt's Trip to Utah - Sleepy Maggie - Dale Boman's Reel (6:35)
  • 07. Longueval - Amelia - Morag's (5:34)
  • 08. Flowers of Edinburgh - Pigeon on the Gate - Jenny's Chickens - Hughie Shortie's (3:47)
  • 09. Hearty Boys of Ballymote, The - Mary's and Jerry's Jig - Jerry's Pipe Jig (4:06)
  • 10. Crossing to Ireland - Kira's Journey (6:27)
  • 11. Robin, The (2:55)
  • Kirkmount
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Nr kat.: DOR93219
Label  : DORIAN (USA)

Kirkmount is the name of a forgotten village in the hills of Nova Scotia. The white-washed church on the hill and the little graveyard are still there, but much of MacLellan's mountain has once again returned to woods and barrens. The scattered stone foundations now hold families of spruce and maple and the memories of a few old-timers who return to visit home. The one-room school house, where folks danced strathspeys and reels all night to fiddles and the percussive banging of piano, is dark and quiet. Kirkmount is also the name of a musical trio of brothers. Raised on grampa's myths of dances in the little school, Alex, Sam and Simeon Bigney still play the kind of music their grampa, great-grampa, and great-great-grampa played on MacLelland's mountain