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Keith Anderson

Three Chord Country And American Rock & Roll

  • Keith Anderson - Three Chord Country And American Rock & Roll
  • 01. Three Chord Country And American Rock & Roll (4:13)
  • 02. Podunk (4:00)
  • 03. Wrap Around (3:50)
  • 04. XXL (3:44)
  • 05. Pickin' Wildflowers (3:06)
  • 06. Every Time I Hear Your Name (4:23)
  • 07. Stick It (4:17)
  • 08. Plan B (4:28)
  • 09. Lazy With Your Love (4:01)
  • 10. The Clothes Don't Make The Man (4:19)
  • 11. I'll Know When I Get There (4:26)
  • 12. Data (5:16)
  • Keith Anderson - vocal
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Nr kat.: SY
Label  : SONY

Guide Review - Keith Anderson - Three Chord Country and American Rock & Roll As Keith's first single "Pickin' Wildflowers" takes off on charts, climbing up with a video and all, this boy is on his way. How can you lose when you have one of the best writers on board? Jeffrey Steele, produced all but one track on this album along with co-writing credits on four of them. When I listened to this album for the very first time, I went straight to the song "Podunk." I have said that for years and so has my Mom. It's about getting out of a sleepy ol' town and eventually after being away, wanting to return back home to that little ol' "Podunk" town. They are the best places to live. I live in one myself now. The opening to the song "Three Chord Country and American Rock & Roll," starts with a fiddle playing and since I love fiddles, it captured me right off the bat. John Rich co-wrote this song with Keith and when heard it for the first time it seemed like I had heard before, but maybe it's because of the Big & Rich influence in it. I like when other artists show their appreciation to others artists in their songs by mentioning their names. He does it a couple time in this one. Once I heard the whole album a couple of times I really couldn't pick an absolute favorite. He does so well on all of them. I really like the growl he does at the beginning of songs, and his voice is something I think is needed in Country music today. I wish him the best of luck, and hope he'll keep writing with Steele, he's a awesome writer.