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Junior Mance, Ray Brown, Lex Humphries

Junior Mance and His Swinging Piano

  • Junior Mance - Junior Mance and His Swinging Piano
  • 01. A Smooth One (3:29)
  • 02. Miss Jackie's Delight (3:55)
  • 03. Whisper Not (4:22)
  • 04. Love For Sale (4:27)
  • 05. Lilacs In the Rain (3:42)
  • 06. Small Fry (4:09)
  • 07. Jubilation (3:32)
  • 08. Birk's Works (5:46)
  • 09. Blues For Beverlee (7:54)
  • 10. Junior's Tune (3:33)
  • Junior Mance - piano
  • Ray Brown - double bass
  • Lex Humphries - drums
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Nr kat.: UCCU9610
Label  : UNIVERSAL (Japan)


Junior Mance's first album as a leader has been a long time coming - particularly in an overpopulated jazz recording era during which scores of less proven talents have had one and more solo sets As is usually the case, Junior first began to receive attention from other musicians. This writer began to be instructed around 1954 and 1955 when Junior was accompianist for Dinah Washington. Since then he has conitnued to gain respect among jazzmen and gradually is also being recognized by jazz civilians. This album should help accelerate the latter process. Junior Mnace, in essence, is a particularly pleasurable example of that new generation of players - Ray Bryant is another - who have absorbed much of the previous jazz language, respect it, feel an emotional indentification with it, and have developed what they feel to be the best of the jazz tradition. They have a pride of background and the characteristic jazzman's determination, to add their own stories to the continuing collective autobiography that is jazz history. -from the original liner notes

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